Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Hoffmann Brothers not only performs maintenance on HVAC equipment but we also offer maintenance on water heaters, both standard water heaters and tankless water heaters.  Our technicians are trained to make sure that we do a thorough examination on the water heater to ensure that you are getting enough hot water and that your system is running efficiently.  You should start maintaining your water heater the year it is installed and then every year after that. To schedule a water heater maintenance, give us a call at 314-664-3011.

Water Heater Maintenance St Louis

It is recommended that maintenance is performed every year after your Hot water heater is installed. As a part of our water heater maintenance, we can flush the tank. By flushing the tank it can promote an extended life span of the heater. Water Heater maintenance is typically performed on water heaters that are less than 7 years old. If you have never performed maintenance on your water heater and are interested in having maintenance done, request a maintenance appointment through our online form, or call us at 314-664-3011.