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Residential Plumbing – Trusted for Over 40 Years!

Hoffmann Brothers’ Plumbers are here when you need them most. We’ve been serving families and businesses in St Louis, St Charles and Metro East areas for over 40 years. Give us a call to get started at 314-664-3011. Among our many St. Louis plumbing services, we provide residential plumbing repairs and services including:

  • Drain cleaning – Clogged drains, Hydro Jetting, Frozen Pipes and more
  • Sewer Solutions – Sewer cleaning, Sewer Repair, Sewer Replacements, Trenchless Sewer solutions
  • Water Heaters – Standard and Tankless Installations, Maintenance, Repairs and more
  • Toilets – Repairs & Replacements
  • Faucets – Repairs & Replacements
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling and so much more! (see additional services below)

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Commercial Plumbing Services For Your Business Property

Our commercial plumbing department can also provide full plumbing services, installation and repairs for your business locations. If you are looking for a reliable experienced plumber, look no further than Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing.

Our plumbers can bid a new project or come out and repair existing plumbing fixtures. Our drain cleaners can also handle any type of drain and sewer cleaning. Needing hydro jetting or pressure jetting for your commercial space? Hoffmann Brothers has the Jetter machine to do the work! We also offer backflow testing. Call Hoffmann Brothers plumbing for all your commercial plumbing needs or request service here.

Experienced Drain Cleaner

Hoffmann Brothers is your sewer cleaner, drain cleaning & hydro jetting specialists in St Louis, MO. Our drain cleaners can handle any type of drain or sewer line problem. Our drain cleaners specialize in hydro jetting, sewer cleaning, drain and sewer inspections, clogged drains, toilet clogs, and video scope sewer inspections. Need a replacement? We do that too.

To schedule any service, including a drain or sewer cleaning, contact our plumbers at (314) 664-3011 for more information on all the plumbing services and options Hoffmann Brothers offers, or visit our different plumbing service specialization pages for more information. If the plumbing service is not an emergency, feel free to fill out our request service online form here.

We are always happy to answer all of your important frequently asked questions about plumbing.

Sharon H.

I greatly appreciate the professionalism of Hoffmann employees and no matter what the service is that I need I am comforted and have a peace of mind knowing that Hoffmann is doing the work. Also want to mention that I greatly appreciate the office staff for always keeping me informed and being so kind and helpful.

Our Experienced Plumbing Contractors Can Handle Anything

Hoffman Brothers top plumbers in St. Louis are trained to meet any type of plumbing problem or service. Our plumbers can handle all your plumbing service and repairs, will install any type of plumbing fixture or faucet installation, and will take on your important bathroom and kitchen remodel jobs.

Call upon Hoffmann Brothers St Louis plumbers for any of these additional common plumbing projects we regularly take on (click any to learn more):

  • Backflow Testing : require backflow testing on so many plumbing applications. Backflow testing is important especially when properties requires it to be done typically on an annual basis. It is important to prevent backflow to maintain the high quality water and keep contaminants and pollution out. The plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers are certified and licensed to perform the backflow testing required.
  • Plumbing Inspections - Plumbing inspections and evaluations are usually performed when purchasing or selling your home and are offered with our Home Protection Plan. To have a licensed and trained plumber perform a plumbing evaluation in your home, contact Hoffmann Brothers today.
  • Faucet Replacements : Faucets can be leaky or just stop working altogether. Hoffmann Brothers' plumbers can replace faucets in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or wet bar. It is important to have a working faucet in your home.
  • Bathroom Remodeling: When remodeling a bathroom it is important to have a well-trained plumber on the job because there are a lot of plumbing systems involved such as showers, bathtubs, faucets, and more. The Hoffmann Brothers plumbers are experts in bathroom remodeling.
  • Kitchen Remodeling: Our plumbers can help install garbage disposals, hook up water lines to refrigerators and sinks, install dishwashers, and installing kitchen faucets and sinks.
  • Water Pipe Replacement: Leaky pipes are probably the number one plumbing service call that Hoffmann Brothers Plumbers receives. It is important to have functioning water pipes with no leak, and if they cannot be repairs, then Hoffmann Brothers can replace the water pipes in your home.
  • Code Violation: If you ever have a plumbing code violation our plumbers can bring your plumbing systems up to code for you.
  • Sump Pumps - Sump Pumps help can keep water out of your home, and when they fail, it could cause major damage especially in the basement. It is important to make sure that your sump pump is working properly especially before a wet St Louis spring.
  • Water Treatment & Water Softeners - Water Treatment is important especially in St Charles County, Jefferson County and Franklin county where the water is much harder than normal. Looking for cleaner water for your home or filtered water? Hoffmann Brothers' plumbers can install water treatment systems for your home.

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Call On Hoffmann Bros for Your St Louis Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs can happen at any time, and you need a reliable plumber on hand to fix the plumbing problem and fix it fast! Hoffmann Brothers plumbers are trained and licensed to work on all types of plumbing problems.

Among the many plumbing repairs near St. Louis we offer, our most popular repairs include:

  • Leaky Faucets: Leaky faucets are a pain and can cause damage to your home, so it is important to call a plumber to get those repaired. Faucets that leak or drip are very common both inside and outside of your home. Your home has kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, hot and cold faucets on your washing machine, and faucets outside your home.
  • Water Pipe Repairs : Water pipe repairs are a plumbing repair that Hoffmann Brothers specializes in.We have encountered water pipes that are leaking and dripping to full water pipe replacements in your home.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair: There are so many ways that a garbage disposal can stop working properly. When the disposal gets clogged or doesn’t work anymore the plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers can get you up and running again in no time.
  • Bathtub Repairs : When your bathtub or shower gets clogged or stops working properly you need a plumber who can repair it for you so that it is working again fast! If your shower head doesn’t have enough pressure, or your family doesn’t have enough hot water, Hoffmann Brothers Plumbers can repair these problems.

Water Heater Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Having hot water in your home or business is very important. Without hot water your family or employees could be uncomfortable. We can repair, maintain or replace you hot water heater. We offer both standard water heaters and tankless water heaters. We install State Water Heaters and Noritz Tankless Water Heaters. We service all brands of water heaters including State, Noritz, GE, Rheem, Ruud, General Electric (GE), AO Smith, Bradford-White, Kenmore, & Whirlpool. Contact Hoffmann Brother’s Plumbers for all your water heater needs, request service or a bid for a new water heater.

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Our plumbing, drain cleaning, and water heater service area includes in Missouri: St Louis City, St Louis County, Jefferson County, St Charles County; In Illinois: St. Clair County & Madison County. We also service specific cities such as Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Des Peres, Chesterfield, Ballwin, Creve Coeur, Ladue, Edwardsville, Clayton, Fairview Heights, East St Louis, Mehlville, Lemay, & Sunset Hills.

Professional Plumbing Services St Louis, MO

Hoffmann Brothers has been servicing St Louis residents as one of the top plumbing companies for over 40 years. We are reliable, trained, licensed and get the job done right and fast! For all you plumbing services, plumbing repairs, drain cleaning needs contact the experts at Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing at 314-664-3011.

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