Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing provides professional Water Softener Installation in St Louis, MO and the surrounding areas, along with important water softener repairs and maintenance services. Don’t let hard water and mineral buildup take over. Our experienced St Louis plumbers also provide top Water Conditioning System Services when you need exceptional installs and repairs.

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St Louis Water Conditioning Services

St Louis Water Softener Services - Hoffmann Brothers
Scale build-up can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system and water-using appliances’ efficiency and life expectancy.

At Hoffmann Brothers, we offer two options for solving scale problems:

  • Traditional Water Softeners
  • FLOW-TECH Home Anti-scale Systems

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Please Note: Water softeners are not water filters and do not remove many of the impurities that are of common concern for water quality.

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Get Started with Flow-Tech Water Treatment Installation

Flow Tech Water Treatment Install St Louis - Hoffmann Brothers
Unlike traditional water softeners that remove calcium and magnesium ions from your water by exchanging those ions with a potassium or sodium ion, the FLOW-TECH Home Anti-scale System induces a low-frequency signal that is pulsed several thousand times per second and propagates that signal throughout your entire plumbing system.

This electromagnetic signal reverses the charge on the minerals that are dissolved in the water. The charge reversal allows the minerals to stay in suspension instead of falling out of suspension when they are heated (like in a water heater) or when pressure increases. Minerals in suspension pass harmlessly through the system and ultimately flow down the drain.

Water Conditioning Services St Louis - Hoffmann BrothersBecause the minerals are not removed during this process the “hardness” of the water is not affected, but the harmful effects of that hardness are tremendously reduced.

Because the minerals are still present in the water, you may have some spots on dishes when the water evaporates. This can be cared for through the use of jet-dry or household vinegar works just as well. The great news is that the system is maintenance-free and extremely eco-friendly as no backflush is required wasting water and there is no discharge of salt into the sewer system.

Water Quality Services St Louis - Hoffmann Brothers

Benefits of FLOW TECH HOME

  • Saves money as less soap and detergent is required
  • Does Not Use Salt or Chemicals eliminating maintenance costs
  • Protects Appliances and Fixtures
  • Removes Existing Scale Build-up
  • Increases Energy Efficiency of water using appliances
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Saves Space
  • Environmentally Friendly and Healthy
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • No Drain or Wasted Water

Start Your St Louis Water Softener Installation or Repairs

When you need reliable Water Softener Installation, repairs, or maintenance services, count on Hoffmann Brothers to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our Plumbers can install water softeners into your home.

Hoffmann Brothers’ plumbers are trained to work on all brands of water softeners including Sears, Kenmore, Ecowater, Kinetico, Rheem, Kleck, GE (General Electric), H20 Harmony, Surge Water, Water Boss and Northstar. You can request service on your water softener through our website to have one of our qualified service technicians out to your home.


Flow-Tech Water Treatment Installation St Louis

Benefits of Traditional Water Softeners

  • Healthier and softer skin
  • Brighter and softer clothes
  • Shower stall without water spots
  • Shiny and more manageable hair
  • Save money on soaps and detergents
  • Spot-free dishes using less soap
  • Prolong the life of your water heater by reducing scale buildup
  • Prolong the life of your dishwasher
  • Prolong the life of your faucets and all pipes
  • 10-year warranty on all parts
  • 5-year warranty on media

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Softeners and Water Conditioning

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Traditional water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions from your water by exchanging those ions with a potassium or sodium ion. Removal of these minerals eliminates the possibility of scale build-up.

Systems are maintained by adding salt or potassium periodically to the brine tank attached to your softener tank. It is worth noting that in some areas water softeners are being banned due to the challenges caused in trying to treat the water after it leaves your home.

What Is Hard Water?

​​Hard water is an undesirable condition of water when it consists of harmful minerals like calcium or magnesium.

Hard Water vs Soft Water: What Is the Difference?

Hoffmann Brothers plumbing recognizes the importance of eliminating the hardness of your water. Some reasons we recommend softening your water are:

  • Hard water generally has very high amounts of minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium. These minerals in the water are then deposited into the household appliances like kettles and disturb their functionality.
  • These mineral deposits also become stubborn deposits in pipelines and water heaters, causing them to be clogged. Once the pipelines become clogged, naturally, other issues like burst pipes or broken and/or damaged pipelines may cause you major problems in the future. Sometimes, even plumbing emergencies arise due to clogged pipelines. Contact Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing today to prevent major plumbing issues before they happen.
  • The minerals that cause hardness in water can also make it harder to lather with the water as is required for things such as washing, laundry, bathing, etc. The cleaning efficiency of detergents is reduced by minerals present in hard water. To help prevent this problem, request Hoffman Brothers Plumbing to come to your home.
  • Soft Water uses less soap and cleaning products, reduces soap scum, reduces spots on dishes & glasses, removes the scale that clogs plumbing and water heaters, increases the life of your appliances (like dishwashers and water heaters), softens skin, opens pores and cleans hair better, and improves the taste of boiled foods and vegetables. To take advantage of these benefits, request a bid today from Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing.

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