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Sump pumps can protect your property from water damage, but they’ll need servicing, repairs, and replacements to work correctly. The technicians at Hoffmann Brothers can tell you more about how to keep your systems up and running, especially when the clouds begin to darken. Let us help you keep your home or business safe from mildew and mold.

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Reliable Sump Pump Service in St. Louis

Hoffmann Bros. - Trusted Sump Pump Installation Company Near St Louis, MO

Sump pumps in St. Louis are essential to keep homes and commercial properties free from water damage. Typically found in the basement, a sump pump will collect all the water that comes in and then move it away from the property once it hits a certain level. Sump pump services in St. Louis will not only ensure that your sump pump is working correctly, but it can also identify other potential threats to the property. For instance, if the discharge line isn’t sloped enough, a technician can adjust the direction so the wastewater cannot impact the property[1]. If you have clay soil, which chances are you do in St. Louis, sump pumps are often the best way to keep your property from flooding.

Find a Team that Can Help

If you’re looking for sump pump services; you’ll need to find a team that understands how the wet climate and low topography affect the property’s water disposal. While some homes and commercial properties are inherently set up for success (e.g., a home on a hill), others may need more work for their sump pump to operate. At Hoffmann Brothers, you’ll meet a plumber who can tell you more about how your sump pump changes over time, when it’s time to invest in a new one, and which upgrades will give you the best return on investment.

The Importance of Sump Pumps in St. Louis Homes

A sump pump in a St. Louis home performs several critical functions for the property:

  • Prevents flooding: It doesn’t take much water in a home to cause damage to your infrastructure or belongings, and this is particularly true if you have a large home where the drainage is likely to go undetected. Sump pumps remove the water, so you don’t have to constantly inspect for yellowing walls and damp furniture[2].
  • Improves air quality: Less water in the house means less moisture overall. Lowering the humidity is a great way to keep your air fresh and clean.
  • Reduce the odds of molding: Humidity encourages mildew and mold to thrive. In the best-case scenario, the spores in the air can trigger a few sneezes. In the worst-case scenario, you can end up with severe respiratory problems. Sump pumps remove the humidity to prevent the odds of growth.
  • Protect your home: If water can build up around the foundation, it will eventually crack the walls. By removing the pressure, you can expect your house to hold up better over time. It can even protect the soil from erosion, reducing the amount of shifting the home will do as it moves with the changes in the ground.
  • Improved resale: Sump pumps are attractive to buyers in the St. Louis area. Not only are they effective at moving water out and away from the home, they appeal to any family who wants to keep the air quality at the highest levels.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Water damage is costly to remove, even if it only affects a small portion of the home. If you have a sump pump, some carriers will shave a few bucks off of your premium

Signs You Need Sump Pump Services

Your sump pump will sometimes give you some indication that it needs servicing. Here are a few common signs to watch out for:

  • Constant operation: If the sump pump isn’t turning off, it’s likely because there’s a problem with the pump or the float switch. Ideally, the property owner or residents should only hear the sump pump for a few minutes as it moves water from one place to another.
  • Grinding or banging: If the sump pump is louder than it used to be, it might be because the impeller is clogged or a connection has come loose.
  • Puddles, dampness, or mildew: You shouldn’t wait for your basement to flood before you realize the sump pump is having trouble. Even water or bacterial growth can tell you the sump pump can’t meet the property’s demand.
  • Malfunction: If the sump pump isn’t turning on, you may need to adjust the float switch or replace the power cord.
  • Emergency prep: In addition to the standard signs listed here, you’ll want to answer the question of whether your sump pump has a strong enough battery backup to work if there’s a power outage. If not, sump pump services can help ensure you have everything you need in an emergency.

Experts recommend servicing your sump pump once every few months for the best results. This is because sump pumps don’t always manifest in a way that the property owner notices. If you want to learn more about the best service schedule for you, it helps to talk to a professional.

St. Louis Sump Pump Installation Service

Sump pump installation typically entails the following steps:

  • Planning: A technician must determine how your property’s drainage system is affected by its location and layout. The lowest point is usually the basement in a corner, but it will depend on the property’s configuration.
  • Digging: The sump pump will need to be large enough to accommodate the size of the pump. Gravel will be added to the bottom to help the water drain more efficiently from the property.
  • Installation: The sump pump will need to be both level and secure when it’s placed in the pit. A float switch will added and a technician will adjust the activation level of the pump.
  • Pipe laying: The discharge line will be a pipe connected to the pump that runs down and away from the home.
  • Electrical hookups: There needs to be a dedicated circuit in your electrical panel that controls the pump. A technician will ensure that everything is connected properly.
  • Testing: The testing will check that the float switch is triggered correctly and that the discharge lines can efficiently drain the water.

Sump Pump Repair Service in St. Louis

Sump Pump Services By Hoffmann Brothers In St Louis, MO

A St Louis sump pump repair may be simple enough to complete on your own. However, more often than not, you may need an expert to verify what’s really going on with your equipment. Here are some common repairs that a technician might perform:

  • Switches: Technicians might need to remove debris from a switch, realign it, or replace it entirely.
  • Pumps: If a pump is clogged or it has worn bearings, the technician will work to put it back in order. You may also need to replace the pump motor.
  • Pipes: If the discharge line isn’t working, it may need patching, replacement, or cleaning. A technician may also need to reposition the pipes so the water flows in the right direction.
  • Valves: The valve of the sump pump may need to be repaired or replaced to ensure that the water doesn’t flow back into the pump.
  • Electrical repairs: You may need to repair the wiring of your sump pump so it can work properly.

St Louis Sump Pump Replacement Service

A sump pump will typically last for around ten years. When it needs replacement, a technician will cut the power, disconnect the discharge line, and drain the pit to get ready for the replacement. From there, they’ll need to dispose of the old pump before placing the new pump into the pit. A qualified professional will take the time to assess everything from the condition of the pit to the float switch levels. For instance, you may need to adjust how frequently your pump runs to save water and ensure that you’re eliminating excess moisture from your home or business.

Why Choose Hoffmann Brothers for Your Sump Pump Needs

Hoffmann Brothers’ Experienced Sump Pump Plumbers In St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers has seen how St. Louis homes suffer from poor drainage. In a city with so much rain and snow, countless properties are exposed to the threat of flooding. Our technicians understand how different homes and businesses are built and are experts at anticipating how future events will impact your sump. So, if you’re in a shallow part of the city’s valley, they formulate more effective plans to keep your property dry.

No matter who you choose to service your sump pump, it’s important to avoid certain DIY jobs, as some sump pumps have been known to pose shock hazards[3]. Selecting a professional can not only help you improve the value of your property, it may just save your life.

Financing to Fit Your Budget

It’s not always easy to jump into significant property repairs or upgrades, especially if you’re having trouble balancing it all with your budget. At Hoffmann Brothers, we work with our clients, allowing them to complete the work without paying for it all upfront. In addition to our already affordable pricing, our interest rates go as low as 0%.

Schedule Your Sump Pump Service Today

Delaying sump pump services in St. Louis may seem convenient in the short term, but it can ultimately hurt your property in the long term. It may even impact the health of those inside the building. Whether you want to install, repair, replace, or maintain your sump pump, Hoffmann Brothers is here to help. Contact us today to get yourself on the books!

Sump Pump FAQs

What Is A Sump Pump And What Does It Do?

A sump pump is a device that collects water and moves it away from the property. This equipment is typically recommended for properties in wet climates with poor-draining soils.

How Often Should I Have My Sump Pump Serviced?

It may take a while for sump pumps to reveal their issues, so experts recommend servicing around once a quarter. This can help you avoid more expensive repairs down the line.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Sump Pump?

The cost of a sump pump will depend on the type of pump you choose and the size of the property you’re installing it in.

How Many Years Should A Sump Pump Last?

With proper maintenance and care, a sump pump should last for around 10 years.

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