What Is Proper Maintenance For My Standard Water Heater?

  • Before you begin any maintenance on your conventional water heater, make sure you turn off the power and read the owner’s manual
  • Remember to drain water from the water heater’s tank, at least every 3 months. This will prevent sediment and dirt from collecting at the bottom of your water heater and help ensure superior performance.
  • Inspect the water heater burner. Check for a blue flame, tinged with yellow, under your conventional water heater. If the burner appears sooty, or you see a mostly yellow flame, then your flue may be blocked or clogged. Call a professional and we will inspect your standard water heater.
  • Your hot water heater should be inspected at least every 2 years by a trusted service technician. They should check to make sure your standard water heater’s drain valves are sealed and that the anode rods remain free of corrosion.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Conventional Hot Water Heater?

With proper maintenance, your standard water heater should last approximately 11 years, or longer. However, without proper maintenance, it is likely that the lifespan of your hot water heater will be significantly shorter.

How Can I Make My Water Heater Last Longer?

You can insulate the hot water pipes in your home’s plumbing system and turn down the thermostat on the water heater to extend the life of your hot water heater. Experienced plumbers also recommend draining the tank on the water heater to remove any sediment build-up at the base of the water heater.

Why Is There Never Enough Hot Water In The Winter?

Because the weather is colder and the pipes are cooler in the winter, water takes longer to heat in the water heater. Insulating your water pipes will help maintain the water temperature in the pipes.

What Happens To My Old Water Heater, When I Buy A New One?

A reputable and professional service provider will remove and dispose of your old water heater when installing your new water heater. Make sure they remove and dispose of your old water heater in the most environmentally friendly way, following all EPA standards and regulations.

Do You Offer Any Sort Of Warranty Or Guarantee For Your Work?

Reputable companies should offer offer a 6 year warranty on every standard State hot water heater installed. This warranty includes all the valves, supply lines, and other parts of the standard hot water heater. We service many different brands of water heaters/boilers like Navien.

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