Hoffmann Brothers understands how important it is to have power at your home or business during a power outage. If you lose power at your home, you can lose your heating or air conditioning, refrigeration, and more important appliances. When you lose power at your business, you can lose a lot more than just heating and cooling and appliances, you lose money in business. Backup generators are a great option to ensure you always have power at your St Louis area home or business.

Residential Generators St Louis

When it comes to back up power in your St Louis area home, Hoffmann Brothers offers many options as to what you want on back up. See our below plans for back up coverage:

Complete Whole House Coverage Hoffmann Brothers offers a range of backup power solutions including generators and transfer switches capable of protecting every circuit in any size home for whole home protection.

Managed Whole House Coverage: If you don’t use all your appliances at the same time, and most people don’t, then a smaller generator, paired with a power management power switch offers the next best thing to whole house coverage.

Essential Circuit Coverage By sizing your generator system according to your essential need rather than your home’s square footage, you’ll choose back up power solutions based on specific needs and usage.

Commercial Generators St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers understands how important it is to have computers, lights, power, phones, servers, and more during a power outage.  Running a business no matter the weather conditions is important. Hoffmann Brothers can provide you with a quote to best suit your businesses needs when it comes to back up power. We can offer complete building power or essential circuit coverage. To learn more about our commercial generator options, please call us at 314-664-3011 or contact us here.