Hot Water Heater Replacement St Louis - Hoffmann-BrothersNeed your hot water heater replaced today? Hoffmann Brothers offers same day hot water heater installation in many circumstances. Right now there is even a $200 rebate with Spire on qualifying water heater replacements.

To get started right away, call Hoffmann Brothers, the St Louis hot water heater experts at 314-664-3011.

To get the best water heater installation experience, you may have taken it upon yourself to perform due diligence researching what you need in selecting from the many new water heater options. Then you decided you were ready to take the next step: water heater installation.

Who Installs Water Heaters in St Louis, MO?

Hot Water Installation St Louis - Hoffmann BrothersInstalling a new hot water heater is a job best left to the professionals, which is why Hoffmann Brothers makes it as quick and easy as possible with same day hot water heater installation throughout the St. Louis metro area. As an award-winning, local St. Louis water heater installation company (among other plumbing and HVAC services), you can trust your search engine when we pop up at the top of the list when you type in “Water Heater Installation Near Me.”

How Long Does It Take to Install a Water Heater?

If you call Hoffmann Brothers for a standard hot water heater replacement for your home, in many circumstances our technicians are same-day water heater pros and will have your hot water heater installation complete that day.

Does the Unit I Select Affect Water Heater Installation Time?

No. A same day hot water heater replacement can be done for:

♨ Any residential standard hot water heater – We install State Hot Water Heaters, but we can install other brands if you prefer another.

♨ Any size water heater (40, 50 or 75 gallon)

♨ Gas or electric hot water heater

How Much to Install Water Heater?

You may be asking yourself, “What’s Included in This Water Heater Installation Service?” Our quote for same-day water heater service includes the following, with no hidden fees:

♨ Removing the old water heater

♨ Installing the new water heater

♨ Obtaining any necessary permits

♨ Supplying and installing any other parts needed

Take advantage of the $200 rebate with Spire on qualifying water heater replacements.
Be sure to call us early to see if your same-day water heater replacement is available on that day!

Call Hoffmann Brothers at 314-664-3011.

Common Hot Water Heater Installation FAQs

Does Hoffmann Brothers Install Standard and Tankless Hot Water Heaters?


Hoffmann Brothers will install standard hot water heaters on the same-day in many circumstances. Our experienced technicians also install tankless units when you schedule an appointment.

Does Hoffmann Brothers Offer Any Rebates on Water Heater replacements?


Yes. Right now Hoffmann Brothers is offering a $200 rebate for qualifying Spire brand hot water heater installations.

How Long Do Water Heaters Last?


Depending on what type of water heating system you are using, hot water heaters typically last between 7–20 years or longer. Learn more here.

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