Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing installs and repairs water softeners, whole house filters, water treatment systems and more. If you have hard water in your St Louis area home, Hoffmann Brothers can implement so many of the water softening and water treatment technologies for you. Our top plumbers are trained to install and work on all types and brands of water softeners and treatment systems.

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What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is an undesirable condition of water when it consists of harmful minerals like calcium or magnesium.

Hard Water Vs Soft Water

Hoffmann Brothers plumbing recognizes the importance of eliminating the hardness of your water. Some reasons we recommend softening your water are:

  • Hard water generally has very high amounts of minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium. These minerals in the water are then deposited into the household appliances like kettles and disturb their functionality.
  • These mineral deposits also become stubborn deposits in pipelines and water heaters, causing them to be clogged. Once the pipelines become clogged, naturally, other issues like burst pipes or broken and/or damaged pipelines may cause you major problems in the future. Sometimes, even plumbing emergencies arise due to clogged pipelines. Contact Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing today to prevent major plumbing issues before they happen.
  • The minerals that cause hardness in water can also make it harder to lather with the water as is required for things such as washing, laundry, bathing, etc. The cleaning efficiency of detergents is reduced by minerals present in hard water. To help prevent this problem, request Hoffman Brothers Plumbing to come to your home.
  • Soft Water uses less soap and cleaning products, reduces soap scum, reduces spots on dishes & glasses, removes the scale that clogs plumbing and water heaters, increases the life of your appliances (like dishwashers and water heaters), softens skin, opens pores and cleans hair better, and improves the taste of boiled foods and vegetables. To take advantage of these benefits, request a bid today from Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing.

St Louis Water Softener Repairs & Installations

Hoffmann Brothers’ plumbers are trained to work on all brands of water softeners including Sears, Kenmore, Ecowater, Kinetico, Rheem, Kleck, GE (General Electric), H20 Harmony, Surge Water, Water Boss and Northstar. You can request service on your water softener through our website to have one of our qualified service technicians out to your home. Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing can also install water softeners into your home. You can request a bid on a water softener for your St Louis residence.

Water Treatments & Filtration Systems St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers offers many types of whole home water filtration systems for your St Louis area home. Our plumbers install high-efficiency water softeners for any size home. We also can install reverse osmosis drinking water systems. Our plumbers can also install hot water filters to control sediment problems throughout your home, especially for systems with multiple functions in showers. Our plumbers can all install whole house carbon and sediment filters for any size home. To learn more about any of these water treatment systems for you home, call Hoffmann Brothers at 314-664-3011 or request a bid through our online form.

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