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Water Treatment Specialists in St Louis, MO

Flow-Tech Water Treatment Installation St LouisHome Water Treatment can solve the problems or concerns you have with your water quality. At Hoffman Brothers, we provide professional Water Treatment services for St Louis and the surrounding communities. The Water Treatment Systems our licensed St Louis plumbers install, repair, and provide maintenance for fall into these categories:

  • Water Filtration Services in St LouisHome Water filtration reduces and/or removes impurities in your home’s water supply. Filtration can occur either at the point of entry, filtering all of the water in the home, or at the point of use, filtering the water from that specific outlet. Eliminate contaminants in drinking water, bathing water and more with a targeted St Louis Water Purification Sytem for the Home.
  • Water Softeners & Conditioning in St LouisHome Water Conditioning is used to control the issue of calcium and magnesium in water that can cause scale problems. Whole House Water Softener Installation eliminates hard water for healthier skin and hair and helps prolong the life of water-using appliances.


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Test Your Water Quality & Understand Your Needs

The first step to improving your water quality is understanding the makeup of your water. Does your water come from a municipality or a private well source? What’s in the water? Municipal water users receive an annual water quality report mandated by the EPA that reveals where your water comes from, what it is treated with, and what impurities they found during sample testing.[1]

Water Testing can be done to determine your specific needs. On municipal water, the tests are relatively simple and offered free of charge with an appointment for a water quality estimate. For well water, more comprehensive testing is needed and can be done for a reasonable cost to cover lab fees.

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Why Home Water Treatment Matters

Filtered water is clearly better:

  • Odor-free, great-tasting filtered water lends to increased water consumption which has health benefits
  • Chemicals used in municipal water treatment, and their by-products, are not desirable for you to consume
  • Refilling bottles for on-the-go consumption saves money and waste that often goes into landfills
  • Drinking good water isn’t enough because your body is a sponge. When you bathe, your lungs become filters that inhale the chemicals in the shower steam. A whole house water filtration system targets these issues and more for every water-using appliance.

Hard water can damage skin, hair, and piping, so treat it with a traditional water softener or a more thorough installation of the Flow-Tech Water Treatment system or similar.

  • Conditioned water lathers up better and requires less soap usage
  • Scale buildup on your fixtures is eliminated with conditioned water
  • Conditioned water increases the efficiency of water-using appliances and extends their productive life


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For more than 40 years, Hoffmann Brothers has proudly served homes and businesses in the St Louis area. We provide exceptional plumbing services that include water treatment system installations, repairs, and maintenance. Protect your family with high-quality drinking and bathing water, eliminate mineral buildup, and say goodbye to hard water.

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