Keeping a commercial HVAC system running is vital to a successful business. You must have a cool, comfortable space for your team members and clients or your business loses money.

Most HVAC problems require the skill of a trained and certified HVAC professional to prevent downtime and keep your business running smoothly.

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Keeping Your St Louis Business Comfortable Year-Round

As a business owner in St. Louis, maintaining a comfortable environment is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid financial losses. When issues arise, prompt repair services from a trusted provider like Hoffmann Brothers can swiftly restore optimal conditions, allowing businesses to continue operating without disruption.

Our Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Services

At Hoffmann Brothers, our technicians are fully trained to work on commercial HVAC systems, so you can have peace of mind. You can count on us for:

  • Commercial HVAC Repair: When your heating or cooling system breaks down, business operations halt. We offer fast, reliable repairs to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Commercial HVAC Installation and Replacement: When the time comes for a new commercial HVAC unit, we provide expert recommendations to help you choose the right one. We also provide seamless installation of new systems with minimal downtime and disruption for your business.
  • Commercial HVAC Maintenance: Our customized HVAC maintenance plans optimize performance and reduce the risk of breakdowns. Ask us about our Commercial Agreement plans.

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Commercial HVAC installation in St Louis

Types of Commercial Units Serviced By Hoffmann Brothers

  • Commercial Rooftop Units: One of the most common types of Commercial HVAC systems. A rooftop AC unit, sometimes called an RTU or Rooftop HVAC Unit, provides heating and cooling to commercial spaces of all sizes.
  • Commercial Split Systems: Splits Systems are used in many types of St Louis commercial size buildings.
  • Commercial Ductless AC Systems: Ductless heating and cooling systems are great HVAC systems for offices and businesses and incorporate sophisticated Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology, sometimes called Variable Refrigerant Volume( VRV).
  • Commercial Chillers & Refrigerators: Chiller systems are used in many St Louis industrial and commercial applications. Our technicians can repair, service and replace Chillers and walk-in coolers.
  • Commercial Air Handler Units: Air Handlers are a form of Split system, but are usually paired with heat pumps, geothermal or air conditioners. Many St Louis area commercial buildings use air handlers since they can be installed in ceilings or attic spaces out of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions About St Louis Commercial HVAC

What Is The Difference Between Residential And Commercial HVAC Systems?

One difference is that commercial systems are typically larger and more powerful as they tend to operate in larger spaces. Commercial systems tend to be located on the roof in the form of one single unit while residential systems are typically split into an evaporator placed indoors and a condenser placed outdoors.

What Are The Different Types Of Commercial HVAC Systems?

There are many different types of commercial HVAC systems, including Rooftop units (RTU), Split systems, Ductless HVAC systems, Commercial chillers, Air Handlers, and Commercial Geothermal Systems.

How Do I Determine What Size Commercial HVAC System I Need?

There are many factors that need to be considered to correctly size a commercial HVAC system. Sizing for business properties should be assessed and completed by professional commercial HVAC contractors to avoid any inefficiencies caused by an improperly sized system.

How Much Does A Commercial HVAC Unit Cost?

The cost of a commercial heating or cooling system depends on the size of the unit, type of system, climate, and your property’s ductwork. Our trained technicians can install and service most types of HVAC systems for your commercial property while keeping your budget top of mind.

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