Tankless Water heater manuals can be complex. At Hoffmann Brothers, our Navien contractors are available to help identify the very technical language found in popular Navien water heater manuals and break them down into easy to understand terms, highlighting the most important elements for your Navien products. Our goal is to clarify when maintenance, repairs or a replacement of your Navien tankless water heater might be recommended.

Navien Tankless Water Heater Manuals - Hoffmann Brothers

Download Navien Tankless Water Heater Manuals

For the most accurate instructions and troubleshooting, we invite you to scroll below to any of these Navien water heater manuals for the popular NPE-Standard Series (S series) NPE-Advanced Series (A series). Hoffmann Brothers and Navien manufacturers recommend keeping a digital or printed copy of the required manual near your water heater for personal reference when maintenance or service becomes required.

Navien Tankless NPE Manuals

From Navien’s series of exceptional condensing tankless water heaters, click any below. Please note: there are separate Navien water heater manuals for Operation and for Installation.

Navien Tankless Water Heater Operation Manuals - Hoffmann Brothers

Operation Manuals: Navien Standard Series

Operation Manuals: Navien Advanced Series

Navien Installation Manuals - Hoffmann Brothers

Installation Manuals: Navien Standard Series

Installation Manuals: Navien Advanced Series

Navien Remote Control Manuals

Navien Water Heater Remote Control Manual - Hoffmann Brothers

The Navien NPE-240A Manual Covers Entire NPE Series

The operations manuals above cover all Navien NPE-A and NPE-S series condensing tankless water heaters. So you’ll find the same info whether you’re looking for the Navien 240A manual, the Navien NPE-240S manual, Navien NPE-180A manual or similar. Just one Navien water heater manual for all NPE-A and NPE-S units. Our team can assist, explain and schedule services for any of the following for your Navien hot water unit:

Essential Safety Information About Your Navien Product

How Installation of Your Navien Water Heater Works

  • Choosing the Right Installation Location & Mounting to Wall
  • Connecting Gas, Water, Condensate Drain, Venting and Power
  • How to Install a Cascade System
  • How to Install a Common Vent System

Important Information About Navien Water Heaters

  • A Description of the Navien Water Heater
  • Getting to Know the Parts of the Water Heater
  • Getting Familiar With The Front Panel

Operation of Your Navien Water Heater

  • How to Turn the Water Heater On or Off
  • How to Adjust the Water Temperature
  • How to View Basic Info
  • How to Reset the Water Heater

>Maintenance for Your Navien Hot Water Heater

  • How to Clean the Water Heater
  • How to Drain the Water Heater
  • How to Flush the Heat Exchanger
  • How to Clean the Inlet Water Filter and Recirculation Inlet Filter
  • How to Clean the Air Intake Filter
  • How to Protect the Water Heater from Freezing

Troubleshooting Your Navien Water Heater

  • Solutions for Basic Problems
  • Identify and Understand Error Codes

Expert Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Your Navien Systems

If you are ready for a replacement of Navien product, or are having an issue or experiencing an error code, our St Louis tankless water heater contractors at Hoffmann Brothers can answer your questions and schedule service for your Navien tankless water heater. For over 40 years we have been serving the communities of Missouri and continue to provide licensed and certified Navien tankless water heater installation, repair and maintenance services from our experienced contractors.

To get started on your Navien system service, call Hoffmann Brothers today at 314-664-3011.

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