Toilet Installation in St. Louis From Hoffmann Brothers

For over 40 years, Hoffmann Brothers has been a trusted source for your St. Louis clogged toilet repair needs. Even though toilets can last for a long time, you may decide to update or remodel your bathroom with a new toilet. The plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers will execute a toilet installation for any kind of toilet, and connect it to your home’s existing plumbing system.

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Choosing a Toilet Replacement For Your St. Louis Area Property

With our expert toilet installers, you will be able to choose any toilet make or model in your home. And if your home’s current toilet was installed before 1994, then a new toilet will also decrease the water usage of your household. With a new toilet, you’ll be saving approximately 2 gallons of water with every flush! Call Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing today to set up an appointment and meet with our plumbers.

Below are the types of Toilets our plumbers can install in your home or business. If you are needing a different type of toilet or a specific request, please contact our plumbing department at 314-664-3011.
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American Standard Toilets:

Kohler Toilets:

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