Trenchless Sewer
Replacement & Repair St. Louis

Trenchless Sewer Replacement St. Louis

Do you remember the time one of your neighbors had their sewer line replaced? Their entire front lawn and landscaping was torn up, a huge pile of dirt, the open trench and when it rained there was mud everywhere. Why dig up your entire yard when Hoffmann Brothers offers trenchless sewer replacements. Hoffmann Brothers can repair or replace your sewer line without ruining your yard, driveway, or front porch. Call your St. Louis, St. Charles and Metro East area trenchless sewer repair contractor at 314-664-3011 to learn more. For all sewer solutions, be sure to visit our Sewer Service St. Louis Page.

Trenchless Sewer Repair St. Louis

No one budgets for a sewer line repair or replacement and all the additional costs that come along with it, like sod, flowers, landscaping, sprinklers, patios, driveways. Hoffmann Brothers has a remedy to these problems. The two most popular trenchless sewer solutions we provide include (click either for more info):

If the sewer line cannot be repaired adequately, there options are your next move.

Pipe Bursting Services – A Proven Trenchless Sewer Solution

Never have sewage in your home again! Pipe bursting is when a licensed plumber mechanically pulls a larger or same size pipe through your existing pipe. The old pipe bursts and the new pipe is installed at the same time, with little or no disruption to your landscaping. The individual sections of the replacement pipe are heat-welded above ground so you never have to worry about connections going bad again! You’ll avoid yard excavation costs and Hoffmann Brothers offers a 100-Year Pipe Warranty!

Pipe Lining Services – Another “No Dig” Trenchless Sewer Solution

Sewer pipe lining also begins with a sewer camera inspection where our team of licensed locate and identify cracks or a compromised pipe. We then will insert an epoxy-saturated tube. Using the latest Bluelight LED technology, the lining to get cured pressed and cured in place against existing pipe walls up to five times quicker than the traditional hot air inflation tube method. A new seal is created and lines the entire walling of the pipes. No digging required and the seal can extend the lifespan of the pipes for several decades.

Be sure to become familiar with our full lineup of sewer services for St. Louis, St. Charles and the surrounding areas.

Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing St. Louis and the surrounding are can save your landscaping and won’t tear up your sidewalk when replacing your sewer main lines with our advanced trenchless sewer replacement methods. Our St Charles sewer replacement team are ready for your call. If you want a long-term, worry-free sewer solution, then call the plumbing leaders in St. Louis at 314-664-3011 or request service here.