Hoffmann Brothers has partnered with local Tesla and Porsche manufacturers to help new electric vehicle (EV) owners install electric car home charging stations. Having an electric vehicle charging station at home provides owners with both convenience and cost savings. It allows owners to power up their vehicle overnight, so they can snooze the night away and wake up to a fully charged EV that’s ready to go when they are!

St Louis Electric Car Charging Station Installation - Hoffmann BrothersReady to begin your St Louis electric charging station installation? Get started with Hoffmann Brothers today by calling 314-664-3011 or scheduling service online with our experienced electricians. We install EV charging stations throughout the greater St Louis area.

What Is The Best Electric Car Charging Station For You?

There are three kinds of charging stations:
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation St Louis - Hoffmann Brothers

  • Level 1 = These consist of a 120V outlet and plug. You can use outlets already installed in your home and think of them as free home charging stations for electric cars – just note it will take several hours to fully charge.
  • Level 2 = A 240V outlet – the same as your oven or clothes dryer – is required as well as an electric vehicle charging station installation, (Hoffmann Brothers’ can help you out with that!) and can fully charge your vehicle overnight.
  • DC Fast Charging Station = A fast-charging station for electric cars is largely for public use as it requires industrial-grade electricity. They are mostly found just off major highways at outdoor electric car charging stations (similar to a gas station) and commercial electric vehicle charging stations at places like malls, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. These can get your EV an 80% charge in 30 minutes.

Preparing for Your Electric Charging Station Installation

Installation for Electrical Car Charging Station St Louis - Hoffmann BrothersBecause using an electric charging stations app and searching through an electric charging stations map won’t always be the most convenient or timely way to find a place to charge your electric car, having one of your own becomes a necessity.

An electric car home charging station, however, is not something you should try to install yourself. This is not a DIY job we recommend. Instead, entrust this task to a professional who has undergone electric vehicle charging station installation training – like one of the experienced, licensed St Louis electricians at Hoffmann Brothers. We can install an electric vehicle charging station outside your home or in your garage; whichever is most convenient for your parking and charging habits.

Pro Tip: When installing a charging station for electric cars at home, be sure to choose a location that will allow the charging cord to reach the plug-in on your EV no matter where or how it is parked.

Benefits of Installing Electric Charging Station at Home

  • Convenience – You will have the ability to power-up your EV while you do the laundry, cook dinner, or sleep. This convenience is invaluable, saving time and energy that you may have had to spend searching for rapid-charge electric vehicle stations otherwise.
  • Cost savings – Tesla electric charging stations are free to Tesla owners. However, you may not always have convenient access to one on the road, and the cost of public electric charging stations is much higher than charging your vehicle at home. According to Energy.gov, over the course of a year, the cost of using a home charging station is about the equivalent to operating your air conditioning and makes electric car charging station installation cost-effective.
  • Tax Credits, Rebates, Grants – You can get a tax credit for installing electric vehicle charging stations as well as rebates, and grants for contributing to a clean planet and clean cities with your EV purchase.

What Do I Need to Install Electric Car Home Charging Stations?

Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation St LouisTesla and Porsche supply the charging stations with the purchase of the car, and Hoffmann Brothers provides the electrical circuit (50-amp or 100-amp) for and installation of the charging units throughout the St. Louis area. This way, you don’t have to spend precious time researching “electric car charging stations manufacturers” or “companies that install electric car charging stations” – you already have everything you need to equip your home to charge your new EV.

Plus, having a trusted electrical contractor like Hoffmann Brothers handle your installation means you can rest assured that our electricians know the requirements for electric car charging station operations, have all the proper permits, and follow all local, state, and national codes and regulations to keep your home, condo, or multi-unit apartment building safe.

Contact Hoffmann Brothers, your award-winning St. Louis electric vehicle charging station contractor, today to schedule your charging station installation. Call us at 314-664-3011 to get started.

Common Electric Charging Station Installation FAQ’s

🔋 How Fast Will My Electric Vehicle Charge After Installation of a Charging Station?

With the installation of a DC Fast Charging Station, most electric vehicles will reach an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes.

🔋 Where On My Property Will an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Be Installed?

Hoffmann Brothers can install an EV charging station outside your home or in your garage.

🔋 What Incentives Exist for Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

A number of customers may qualify for manufacturer and state-sponsored tax breaks, grants and rebates. Below are the states we operate in that offer incentives:

  • Missouri
  • Illinois

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