Sewer Replacement St. Louis

Sewer Line Replacement St. Louis

Sewers are generally the silent wonders of the plumbing world. They quietly take the waste out of the home and deposit it into the common sewer system. However, when the sewer is not working, it becomes one of the most noticeable problems in the house — you will need plumbers at your home to perform a sewer cleaning or replacement of your sewer line immediately!

At Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing St. Louis, we are the leaders in sewer line replacement in the St. Louis area. Hoffmann Brothers has the best drain cleaners and sewer experts to ensure quality and top-notch service when handling all your sewer replacements in the St. Louis area.

Sewer Replacements in St. Louis Done The Right Way

Hoffmann Brothers offers sewer line replacements throughout the greater St. Louis area. If your sewer drain or main drain clogs, it will flood your home’s basement with sewage and cause very expensive damages. For all sewer repairs, request service here or call us at 314-664-3011.

Main Drain Replacements St. Louis

Hoffmann Brothers drain plumbers will perform a sewer inspection using a sewer camera to show you the cause of your sewer backup. The camera will show whether your sewer line is either blocked by an object or tree roots or if there’s something structurally wrong with the line. If your sewer drain or main drain is bellied, collapsed, deformed, deteriorated, or beyond its lifespan, then the pipe needs to be replaced. Sewer main drain failure is very serious—sewage will enter your home through your basement or floor drains!

If you desire a worry-free solution to your sewer issue, a St. Louis sewer pipe replacement with Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing can ensure that your home never floods with sewage again..

Pipe Bursting St. Louis

Hoffmann Brothers is the only St. Louis plumbing contractor that offers pipe bursting replacement services. With the Hoffmann Brothers pipe bursting process, we can replace your sewer line without digging up your yard. Also be sure to visit our trenchless sewer page for additional information.

Pipe bursting is when a plumber mechanically pulls a larger or same size pipe through your existing pipe. The old pipe bursts and the new pipe is installed at the same time, with little or no disruption to your landscaping. The individual sections of the replacement pipe are heat-welded above ground so you never have to worry about connections going bad again. Also, the polyethylene replacement pipe has a 50-year life! Pipe Bursting won’t tear up your lawn or sidewalk, and will save you at least $1,000 in repair costs.

Give yourself peace of mind and replace your clogged sewer main drain with Hoffmann Brothers St. Louis sewer line replacement today. Request service here or call 314-664-3011.