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In the Winter, the colder air cannot hold as much moisture, causing very low humidity. When the air is dry, the low humidity can create a variety of problems:

  • Dry & itchy skin
  • Static electricity
  • Higher susceptibility to colds & infections
  • Damage to wood furniture & floors

Hoffmann Brothers can install, service, maintain, and repair all types and brands of humidifiers. If you are looking to have a humidifier installed, request a bid through our online form or call us at (314) 664-3011. If you have a humidifier in your home, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly or needs to be maintained this season, call us at 314-646-3011 or request service through our online form.

Humidifier St Louis

Whole House Humidifier St Louis

If you can improve the air quality in your whole home with a whole house humidifier, rather than just one room with a portable humidifier, why wouldn’t you make that investment? The whole home humidifiers are attached to the central heating and air conditioning system and the humidity is sent through the ductwork to the whole house. A whole home humidifier can solve so many problems such as dry skin, sinus pain, wood floor damage, and static electricity. These are things you probably experience every winter in your St Louis home.

How to Increase Humidity In Your Home

Here are some ideas to increase home humidity:

  • Use a portable room humidifier
  • Add live houseplants
  • Place water basins near your heating system
  • Add a whole house humidifier

Home humidification systems can increase your home comfort and significantly decrease your risk of humidity related health problems and general home issues.

10 Benefits of Humidifier Use

So here are the overall 10 significant benefits of having a humidifier installed in your home during the Winter:

  1. Clears your sinuses – no more waking up with stuffy noses
  2. Helps alleviate sore throats
  3. Reduces risk of infections – viruses and bacteria don’t live in moist air (air cleaners and UV Lights also help with this!)
  4. Improves healing from infections by keeping your nasal passages moist
  5. Decreases snoring by relaxing the nasal passages and decreasing irritating air particles
  6. Improves sleep – no more uncomfortable, dry throats
  7. Keeps your skin moist, soft and glowing
  8. Prevents electric shocks
  9. Prevents your wood floors or furniture from cracking – dry air warps wood over time
  10. Protects your paintings and photos from discoloration, brittleness, and more

Hoffmann Brothers offers so many types of humidifiers and brands. We can install an automatic humidifier, manual humidifier, power humidifier, or a steam humidifier. We can install and work on the following brand of humidifiers: Aprilaire, Honeywell, Generalaire, Pure Air, Trane, Carrier, Amana, Skuttle, and more.  Our technicians are trained and experienced in all types of humidifier installations. Call Hoffmann Brothers to get a free estimate on a humidifier replacement or installation at (314) 664-3011.

FAQ’s About Humidifiers

What Size Humidifier Is Right For My Home?

It is important to consider the size of your home when purchasing a humidifier. Whole-home humidifiers are designed to regulate spaces that are 1,000 square feet or more, while regular humidifiers typically are only able to add adequate moisture to one room at a time.

How Much Does A Humidifier Cost?

The cost to install a humidifier in your home depends on the model, type and brand of the unit. Our technicians are trained to install and service various humidifiers, while keeping your budget top of mind. Our Indoor Air Quality team can help assess your home’s needs.

Does A Humidifier Clean My Air?

No, a humidifier doesn’t clean air. Rather, it adds moisture to dry air, which can improve air quality and help ensure the health and comfort of your family!

Humidifier Repairs St Louis

Do you have a humidifier but it is not working? Are you not getting enough humidity in your St Louis home? Our technicians can repair and perform maintenance on your humidifier. Clearing the drain lines and changing the humidifier pad is very important to a proper working humidifier. Anytime you need a repair or service for your humidifier, call Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011 or request service through our online form.

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