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Electrical Panel Upgrades Throughout St Louis

The electricians at Hoffmann Brothers understand the importance of keeping up with today‘s technology and its rapid rate of progression. But is your home’s service panel up to date? With today’s devices and appliances, it is very easy to overload your electrical systems in older homes or businesses. These problems can be solved easily by upgrading your electrical service panel. To learn more about level of power you need to operate safely and securely, call Hoffmann Brothers at 314-664-3011 or contact us here to speak to our electricians.

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St Louis Electrical Panel Replacement and Installation

It is hard to know if your electrical panel is up to standard for the amount of power you need. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are contemplating upgrading or replacing your current electrical panel:
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How old is your electrical panel? 30 years is a life expectancy of an outdoor panel, while indoor panels could last up to 40 years. But that doesn’t always mean there is enough power to supply today’s appliances or gadgets.

Do you have a Federal Pacific Electric Panel in your home? Learn how it might be an important time to replace your FPE Stab Lok Circuit Breaker.

How old is your home? If your home is older than 35 years, then it is probably time to look into upgrading or replacing. Contact Hoffmann Brothers here.

Is there more physical space in the panel to install more breakers? If you need additional breakers and there is space in your current panel, you may not need a whole new panel or sub-panel.

Are my lights flickering? Flickering lights can be a warning and could be a sign of poor electrical connections. If lights are flickering in one area, it could be resolved by within a local branch circuit. If lights are flickering within your home in multiple areas, it could be the electrical panel.

Are my service cables worn or damaged? The cables of where your utility wires connect to your home or building and your electrical panel are your responsibility. Problems here may include worn or damaged insulation, loose cables, or damaged or missing clamps & anchors.

Does my panel show any signs of moisture? Water & Electricity are a deadly combination. If there is any rust, chalky white residue, or corrosion on any wiring or metal parts of your panel, you should have it inspected for possible water damage.

Are you doing any home remodeling or home additions? Your standard electrical panel may not be able to handle the additional electrical load.

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Why Is My Circuit Breaker Buzzing?

If you hear a buzzing sound coming from your circuit breaker, then you most likely have a serious electrical wiring problem. Leaving this problem unresolved is a serious danger. Here are some reasons your breaker may buzz and how to solve it:

Normal vibrations: Circuit breakers normally have a slightly audible hum or buzz as energy travels in and out of the panel quickly. However, if the buzzing is louder than usual, you may have a wiring problem.

Failure to trip: The circuit breaker functions to cut (or “trip”) power to a circuit when the electrical current gets too high. If your circuit breaker goes bad, it won’t trip and will leave the strong electric current flowing in the wire. This causes the loud buzzing when a high electricity powered device, like an air conditioner, turns on. A bad circuit breaker can lead to overheating and is a major fire hazard.

Loosely connected wire: Buzzing can occur from a loose or damaged wire inside your circuit breaker. Sparks may even occur when you open the service panel. To locate the problem circuit, turn off all circuits and turn them back on one by one until you hear the buzzing sound.

Be sure to visit our electrical outlets safety page to protect your family from the many hazards that regularly come up with electrical sockets.

Whether the buzzing in your circuit breaker is from a wire not connected securely or a circuit failing to trip, call a licensed electrician to fix it. Do not tamper with live wires and dangerous currents on your own. Electrocution and fires are very real dangers. You will want a professional electrician to repair or replace your circuit breaker.

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Electrical Panel Repair from Hoffmann Brothers

If you need help answering any of these questions or would like to schedule an electrical panel inspection, please call the Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers at 314-664-3011.

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