Electrical panels in a residential or commercial building play a critical role in safety. If you want to protect everyone under your roof, Hoffmann Brothers offers services that can give you peace of mind. To reduce the chances of fires or shocks, it’s important not to delay these important repairs! If your equipment is old, it’s time for a refresh.

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Electrical Panel Services in St. Louis, MO

An electrical panel is the center of electrical activity, and it’s supposed to be a protector against everything from sparks to electrocution. The problem is that many electrical panels either weren’t built for modern demands or never had the robust safety mechanisms needed to keep people and properties safe. That’s why electrical panel services in St. Louis, MO, are non-negotiable for property owners in the city. There are simply too many potential problems that can lead to more disastrous consequences. Older homes and businesses often operate on old electrical panels, and the infrastructure is not always equipped to handle the electrical needs of the tenants or residents.

Hoffmann Brothers’ Experienced St. Louis Panel Installation Technicians

Your lights may flicker on and off, causing an unsettling environment for those indoors. Loose or fraying cables connected to your home or building can cut off power to the residence. At its absolute worst, broken or old electrical panels can lead to death by electrocution or fire. It’s important to work with professionals who know the equipment and the homes in the St. Louis area. At Hoffmann Brothers, the electricians understand how the configuration of different properties should impact the repairs or installation. Whether the property is five days old or 50 years old, it’s our job to make the building safer. When you have a commercial or residential electrical panel that needs attention, we take the matter as seriously as you do[1].

Signs Your Electric Panel Needs an Upgrade

Hoffmann Brothers encourages our clients to call us if they notice any of the following:

  • Frequent breaker tripping: If your breakers are constantly tripping, it’s usually a sign that you’re using too much power or the wiring is faulty.
  • Flickering lights: Lights that dim or flicker in and out are usually the result of the electrical system’s inability to regulate the voltage levels. Unpredictable lighting can occur if the wires are loose or damaged or if the panel is overloaded.
  • Overheating: If your panel starts to overheat, it may start to buzz or sizzle. If you smell something burning or hear unexplained noises, it could be because the short circuits are overloaded, and your property is at risk of a fire.
  • Physical damage: An electrical panel may manifest in scorching marks or rust. If you’re seeing any corrosion, it’s important to call a technician who can diagnose the problem and determine how to repair it best.
  • Heat: The more heat coming from a panel, the more concerning it is for a property owner. If there are hot spots or general warmth, it could be due to overheating.
  • Outdated panels: Once a home passes the age of 30, it may not be able to live up to today’s electrical demands. Today’s technology often demands more power than the home can supply, so property owners are encouraged to schedule services even if they’re not experiencing any other signs.
  • Sparks: If your property’s panel is throwing off sparks or shocks, this is a critical sign that the panel is dangerous and requires immediate attention.

The good news is that even in the oldest properties, updating an outdated or damaged electrical panel is possible without breaking the bank. While it may take some effort to complete the project, you’re always better off investing, endangering people’s safety, or losing your property to a fire.

Benefits of Upgrading Electrical Panels

Property owners upgrade their electrical panels to improve their buildings’ safety, functionality, and value.

St. Louis Electrical Panel Upgrade Services By Hoffmann Brothers
  • Safety: Upgraded electrical panels mean your property can handle electrical demands in every room. Should the electrical system be subjected to too much pressure, mechanisms will be in place to protect the panel from overheating[2].
  • Convenience: If you’re tired of running extension cords or wondering if you’re crowding your surge protector, an upgraded electrical panel reduces malfunctions and makes adding new outlets for all of your devices possible.
  • Efficiency: A more efficient electrical system can translate to lower utility bills. At Hoffmann Brothers, our technicians are happy to evaluate your energy usage so you can start reducing your operational costs. This service is a must for commercial property owners with high expenses. Our services can even help you extend the lifespan of your appliances and equipment.
  • Property values: If you plan to sell any time soon, an outdated electrical system can pull down the average of the offers you receive. Taking care of it now is a way to up the sale costs, regardless of the size or functionality of the property.

Our St. Louis Electrical Panel Services

The electricians at Hoffmann Brothers offer the services that St. Louis residents and commercial property owners need to keep their electrical systems safe and compliant with local regulations. Despite the efficiency improvements in many appliances and equipment today, the reality is that households and commercial properties require plenty of power to operate. It’s why we offer the following electrical panel services:


An electrical panel upgrade is recommended if your electrical panels are still in good shape and you need additional power capacity. You may want it if you avoid running appliances simultaneously or if you’re a commercial property owner that’s hesitant to invest in other equipment because they don’t want to overload their systems. It can also help ready your property if you want to invest in automation technology.

Repair & Replacement

No matter the issue, the team at Hoffmann Brothers can inspect the system before determining whether you need electrical panel replacement or electrical panel repair. You may only need a few fixes to get everything back on track. In some cases, a severely worn-out system will need replacement. If your property is over 35 years old, we strongly encourage property owners to have their panels inspected to reduce major issues in the future.


Installing electrical panels in residential and commercial properties ensures alignment with modern demands. Hoffmann Brothers builds strong relationships with property owners, providing ongoing electrical services for everyday needs and increased demand during special events. Whether a mega-hotel hosting an event or a modest condo, all properties require these resources to power through.

Safety Features of Modern Panels & Energy Efficiency Benefits

A modern electric panel box improves your amperage rating, protects against electrical shock, and interrupts arcing faults, all of which reduce the odds of a fire and increase the reliability of your system. These panels can incorporate ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) in systems built without them. You can also use smart panels to monitor the system and transmit information in real-time if you’re going over your power usage or exposing the property to potential hazards. Suppose you’re interested in how smart panels detect and immediately shut down overloaded or faulty circuits [3]. In that case, the electricians at Hoffmann Brothers can fill you in on everything from how the mechanisms interact with your home to whether it’s worth the investment.

Moreover, you can expect new or upgraded electrical panels to save money over time. Electrical panel services in St. Louis ensure that your panels can function seamlessly, so you don’t have to see the power surges reflected in spiking utility bills. These services can also impact how much you spend on your appliances over time. When your devices function at a constant voltage, they experience less pressure. The less wear and tear, the more likely you’ll get the best returns from every new purchase.

Why Choose Hoffmann Brothers?

Hoffmann Bros. - Trusted Electric Panel Replacement Company Near St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers has carefully adapted our services to meet the needs of St. Louis property owners. Our staff has decades of experience with properties of all shapes and sizes. If your electrical panel doesn’t fit the standard mold, you can trust Hoffmann Brothers electricians on any given day. If you want to protect your property, it starts with having a team who can be there for you when you need them most.

Any number of external factors can complicate an electrical panel replacement. From the electrical panel cover to the electrical panel wiring, the problem and the solution aren’t always obvious. If you select an inexperienced technician, you may be overpaying for shoddy work. With our team, you can get the answers you need to make smarter decisions about how to operate best and maintain your property. Whether you need someone to investigate a light flickering for months or are ready for a new install, you can count on us to tackle even the most complex jobs.

Electrical Panel FAQs

What Is an Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel is the central point of your electrical system. It’s the home of circuit breakers and a critical safety device that can protect your property from overloads and short circuits. You can usually find it in your utility room, garage, or basement.

How Much To Upgrade The Electrical Panel?

The costs of upgrading an electrical panel will depend on everything from the size of the building to the electrical configuration. Working with a company that can devise efficient solutions to your panel upgrades is important, as this can help keep costs down.

What Are The Signs That My Electrical Panel Needs An Upgrade?

You should consider upgrading your electrical panel every few decades or so. However, it’s important to undergo regular inspections even if your electrical panel shows no wear. Fraying wires or damaged circuits may not always show signs of wear and tear before they cause damage.

How Long Does The Electrical Panel Upgrade Process Take?

An electrical panel involves multiple components, so upgrading can take some time. For a small home, it can take anywhere between four and eight hours. A larger property may take 24+ hours to finish the job properly.

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