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Air conditioner maintenance is very important to the life of your AC system, its efficiency, and to avoid common breakdowns that happen with ignored wear and tear. By cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner on an annual basis, you will help minimize your need for repairs. To get started on your St Louis AC Tune Up, contact Hoffmann Brothers today.

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Three Steps To Ensure AC Energy Savings

1. Monthly air conditioning filter replacements
2. AC annual maintenance
3. Programmable thermostats

Home Protection Plan – Your Chance to Save on Annual AC Maintenance

Hoffmann Brothers offers a membership program where we come out on a semi-annual basis to provide air conditioner maintenance services. We will perform a full cleaning and tune up on your HVAC system so you get the very best home air conditioner maintenance in the St Louis area.
To find out how you can become a Home Protection Plan member, give us a call at 314-664-3011.
As a Home Protection Plan Member, you also get discounts off repairs across all of our services, free filters, discounts off of installation of heating, cooling, indoor air quality systems, and more!

Award-Winning Air Conditioning Maintenance Company – Hoffmann Brothers

Contractor of the Year - Hoffmann Brothers St LouisHoffmann Brothers is the proud multi-year recipient of the Residential Contractors of the Year award from the ACCA. We’ve been serving the great people of St Louis for more than 40 years. We have a skilled air conditioner repairman ready to service your AC unit. We value your business and our licensed AC contractors will provide reliable AC maintenance for your home or business.

Sharon H.

I greatly appreciate the professionalism of Hoffmann employees and no matter what the service is that I need I am comforted and have a peace of mind knowing that Hoffmann is doing the work. Also want to mention that I greatly appreciate the office staff for always keeping me informed and being so kind and helpful.

AC Maintenance St Louis - Protect Your Home, Family & Pets from the Heat

St Louis AC Maintenance

Don't Skip Your St Louis Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

When AC maintenance gets forgotten, you could be looking at a breakdown, replacement and new AC installation that could have been avoided. It is recommended that you have a licensed air conditioning contractor perform the home AC maintenance services on your system each year before the heat of summer arrives.
At Hoffmann Brothers, our trained central air conditioner maintenance contractors will work through an important AC maintenance checklist and always put safety first.

HVAC Maintenance from Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling

What do we do during a routine air conditioner maintenance visit? Below are some of the air conditioning tune up steps we typically include as needed for your specific system.

St Louis AC Tune Up

AC Maintenance Checklist

  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspect unit for hail damage, mower or debris damage
  • Inspect cabinet for missing screws, broken supports, level of unit
  • Confirming safety controls are functioning properly
  • Inspect condenser fan grill for broken mounts, missing screws, or other damage
  • Change the filter in the furnace
  • Inspect condenser fan motor wiring for loose or damaged wiring
  • Inspect ductwork for sealing issues
  • Securing electrical connections
  • Thoroughly cleaning the outdoor unit by removing debris, blockage and accumulations

Three Signs Your AC Is On the Verge of a Breakdown

  1. AC Not Cooling House or AC Requires More Cooling Time
  2. The Central Air Conditioner Releases Tepid Air
  3. A Filter Replacement Does Not Improve Quality of Cool Air

If you need immediate “AC maintenance near me,” call Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling St Louis, Missouri at 314-664-3011 or request air conditioning maintenance on the form below.

FAQ's About Air Conditioning Maintenance

Is AC Maintenance Necessary?


Having your AC regularly maintenanced ensures that it can function effectively throughout its life span. Other benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Improved AC efficiency
  • Minimizing costly repairs
  • Lowered utility bills from reduced energy consumption
  • Increased life span of your AC unit

How Often Should I Have My AC Serviced?


Experts recommend that you get your AC serviced annually. Annual maintenance of your AC system can ensure that it lasts as long as possible. In addition to this yearly check, the Department of Energy recommends that you replace or clean your AC’s filter at least every two months during the cooling season.

When Should I Schedule My Annual AC Maintenance?


It’s wise to schedule your annual maintenance in the spring season, before putting your AC into full force during the summer months. Call us at 314-664-3011 to schedule your maintenance and ensure your system is ready to keep you cool all summer long.

What Is Typically Included In AC Maintenance?


During every AC maintenance appointment, our trained technicians carefully inspect your cooling system to ensure it’s working safely and properly. This includes checking and testing each component of your AC unit, including:

  • Replacing filters
  • Adjusting refrigerant levels
  • Checking the unit or ductwork for any damage
  • Inspecting the condenser fan grill and motor
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit

Don’t skip your AC unit maintenance or struggle through a hot St Louis summer before making your call to Hoffmann Brothers for air conditioning preventive maintenance. Schedule your air conditioner maintenance today at 314-664-3011 or request a maintenance appointment here.

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