Choosing the right Water Heater

Whether you’re in the market for a hot water heater replacement or a tankless water heater, the purchase accompanies numerous vital questions:

  1. Which water heater is the most conducive for your home’s requirements?
  2. Is your household making a hot water replacement?
  3. Are you replacing the water heater to qualify for the tax rebate?
  4. What are the installation provisions?
  5. Are you trying to reduce the electric bill?
  6. How to select a plumbing contractor for the installation?

Hot Water Heater Replacement Requirements

The aforementioned factors influence which kind of water heater fulfills ones purchasing objectives. For those, who are making a hot water heater replacement, remember to calculate the volume of hot water needed to accommodate high usage times.  This helps ascertain how much the water heater produces in respect to water diminution. Some buyers prefer the hybrid hot water heater for its ability to boost energy efficiency.

The average ENERGY STAR qualified water heater costs $1,500.  Bear in mind, that the installation is an extra cost, based on a households wiring and plumbing infrastructure.

However, reports show that gas water heaters are just as efficient, especially used with a condensing technology to bolster the amount of fuel actually converted into hot water opposed to wasting energy, which is referred to as thermal efficiency. As far as energy conservation, solar water heaters are energy efficient too.  With a solar water heater, consumers are eligible for a 30 percent tax deduction of the installation cost.

How to qualify for an ENERGY STAR appliance?
To qualify for a tax rebate for a hot water heater replacement, remember to visit the ENERGY STAR Web site to find a certified tankless water heater. Or visit our Rebates & Incentives page to get more information. Also, visit our coupon page for additional savings.

To simplify buying the right water heater, consider plumbing contractors, who are experienced with ENERGY STAR certified brands to install the water heater. Not to mention, a qualified expert can recommend that best hot water heater replacement given a home’s plumbing requirements.

The basic considerations for making a hot water heater replacement or tankless water heater installation include the following:

Dimension – Determines the size and location for the water heater
Infrastructure – Wiring and plumbing of the home influences the installation,
Plumber – Select a plumbing contractor, who is certified with a wide spectrum of water heater brands.

If you need help selecting hot water tank replacement or even an upgrade for a tankless water heater, please contact Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011.

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