St. Louis Plumber Tells of Hot Water Heater Benefits

St. Louis, hot water-heater contractor provides the benefits and differences between standard and energy efficient water heating systems.

Hot water storage heaters have capacities ranging from 40 gallons to 90 gallons.

Tanked Hot Water Heater
Conventional hot water heaters are not as energy efficient as tankless units, because of energy losses and greater energy consumption.  As tankless units involve both indoor and outdoor configurations, the energy efficient appliance accompanies a more costly installation than that of a standard water-heating unit.

Utility Company Rebates
Check out our Rebates & Incentives page for more information about if the hot water heater you are going to install qualifies.

Energy Efficiency
Energy studies support that tankless hot water heaters save at least $100 a year in energy consumption.

Care Instructions
Although water-heating systems come with warranties, homeowners have to follow the manufacturer’s service instructions to maintain the warranty’s policies.

Concise Lifecycle
A standard tanked hot water heater lasts between seven and ten years.

Fewer Hot-water Heater Replacements
On-demand hot water heaters have a lifespan, ranging from 15 and 20 years or more.  For St. Louis residential property owners this means fewer hot water heater replacements.

A Payoff
The energy savings earned with a tankless hot water heater pays for itself in under 10 years.  On demand water heating systems enable St. Louis homeowners to curtail energy costs associated with a conventional, hot water-heater storage system.

Free Hot Water
Certain geothermal heat pumps have the capacity to produce a free supply of hot water or tankless hot water heaters in St. Louis.  In the summer, geothermal heat pumps produce a complimentary supply of hot water.

From service, repairs, to installations, Hoffmann Brothers can handle all your hot water heater needs. Call Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011.

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