Caring for the Water Heater

The household appliance responsible for supplying the home with hot water has specific care requirements. While its maintenance necessities are not as demanding as that of a furnace, keeping a water heater in tiptop shape influences its longevity and endurance to pump out water for the shower, dishwasher, or laundry. St. Louis heating and air conditioning contractor shares these water heater (WH) special care instructions.

A water heater overwhelmed by rust, triggers leaks and an inoperable water tank. Hoffmann Brothers water heater service offers maintenance and slight adjustments to ward off rust.

Even though, water heaters warm water, these devices prefer dry environments. Wet or moist settings promote rust and mold and not the most suitable conditions for maintaining the water heater.

An accumulation of debris, calcium or sediment obstructs heat transfer in a gas water heater. Because of this collection of debris between the flame and water, the bottom of the tank becomes worn, presenting the risk of rust and ultimately flooding. In this scenario, a water heater replacement is often necessary.

The water heater is comprised of plumbing fittings, which help its performance. Temperature connections, the drain valve and heating elements should be properly tightened and free of corrosive materials.

If the water tank’s anode rod shows an inadequate amount of sacrificial metal around the steel wire core, then a replacement part maybe inevitable.

Water Heaters fare better in solitary confinement.

Hoffmann Brothers does not always prescribe a water heater replacement. On older and newer models, Hoffmann Brothers checks three areas of the water heater: the anode rod, the recalcitrant drains and the dip tube. If these are beyond repair on an outmoded WH unit, Hoffmann Brothers recommends a new one based on your household’s energy savings’ goals.

Call Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011 to determine if your home needs a water heater replacement.

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