Facts about Water Heater Repairs

Hot Water Heater Repairs St. Louis

If your water heater breaks down, you probably will want it fixed ASAP. You need hot water for your showerslaundry and dishes!

Unfortunately, the decision to repair or replace your water heater can be unclear. There are a few things to consider when trying to make this decision:

Age: If your water heater is relatively new, it may still be under warranty! You will want to repair—especially if the replacement parts are covered too. This is a great option for water heater units less than 8 years old.

However, if the unit is older than 8 years, you may want to consider replacement. Older units tend to have more problems, need more repairs, and cost more to run and fix than to buy a new, more efficient water heater altogether.

Parts: You can easily have some parts replaced, but sometimes once a certain part of your water heater breaks down, you will need to replace it. For example, if your storage tank stops working, it means that there’s a leak in the tank itself from corrosion. Once corrosion happens, it completely compromises your system and there’s no way to repair it. Flush your water tank periodically so that sediment, which aids in corroding your tank, doesn’t build up.

Pipes: Check out your hot water and cold water pipes (especially around the pipe’s elbow joints), as they might be the reason your water heater is leaking. Some plumber’s tape may be a quick fix to stop the leak, but if it persists, have a plumber repair the water pipe.

Tankless Water Heaters St. Louis

Although replacing your water heater is a big investment, it may help save you money in the long run—simply because it will use less energy. Water heaters today are designed to be the most efficient, especially tankless water heaters. They conserve energy costs because they heat water as it runs, rather than constantly heating an entire tank of water to a specific temperature. They also require less repairs and maintenance.

Water Heaters St. Louis

If your hot water heater isn’t working or needs to be replaced, let the professionals at Hoffmann Brothers take care of all your water heater needs.

Our techs and plumbers can service, repair, replace, and install all brands of standard and tankless water heaters. Request a free estimate on a new water heater installation or request service for your broken water heater here.

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