Rain Can Cause Plumbing Issues

St Louis has experience record rainfall this year. Many low lying areas in St Louis county have been affected by flooding. We can’t prevent against flooding or rivers, streams, and ponds, but there are actions we can take to keep our basements from getting water, or drains backing up into our home.
Sewer Back up St Louis
Many times the reason that your sewer would back up into your home is due to the city sewer being backed up due to heavy rains. Unfortunately, if it is the city sewer system that is backing up, all that we can really do is wait for the rain subside and survey the damage. If you main sewer line is backing up, it is always recommended to have a drain cleaner come out to your home to camera the line to make sure there aren’t any roots, cracks, or bellies. If you do have one of those issues, it can be corrected. If it is the city sewer line that is the issue, the only way to correct that is if the city chooses to do so.
Flooded Basement St Louis
If you home sits in a low lying area where the water drain towards, then your home more susceptible to having flooding issues. It is extremely important to make sure you have a sump pump, and to make sure that you sump pump is operating properly.
Clogged Drains St Louis
Outdoor drains get build up and debris in them over the winter months and once spring hits, the rain starts to fall and your drains can no longer drain all that water properly. So the water has nowhere to go. It is very important to make sure that you clear and clean your outdoor drains of leaves, twigs, and debris every couple of months to ensure you can get proper drainage.
Gutters St Louis
Your gutters help drain the water off your home. If those gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, then it can create water issues. Make sure to clear you gutters once a season. Especially after fall and winter as all the leaves have fallen off the trees and they land on your roof and gutters.

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