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Kitchen Remodel St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers offers Kitchen Remodeling in St Louis, St Charles, and Metro East area homes. Our plumbers are very experienced in kitchen remodel projects. A kitchen remodel can add so much value to your home over time. Our licensed plumbers can help you choose the best options in plumbing fixtures such as kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, and more. We offer many different product lines and accessories to make your dream kitchen possible. To request a bid for a kitchen remodel, call Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011 or fill out our fill out our online form.

Kitchen Installations St Louis – Our Contractors Install It All

Hoffmann Brothers plumbers can help with any kitchen remodeling you may be doing in your St Louis home. Our plumbers can help with the following kitchen remodel services:

  • Garbage Disposal installation
  • Hooking up water lines to refrigerators and sinks
  • Electrical installation for lighting, appliances and outlets
  • Dishwasher Installation
  • Kitchen Faucet Installation
  • Kitchen Sink Installation
  • Installing Water lines
  • Ice Maker Installations
  • Installing Refrigeration systems

When It’s Time to Call a Plumber for Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Kitchen remodeling projects don’t transpire as easily as documented on HGTV and other DIY home design television shows. There are so many plumbing articles that mislead many homeowners into believing that they can do it themselves. With YouTube videos and cable TV downplaying the intricacy of kitchen remodeling projects, there’s a growing misconception that hiring a plumbing contractor is unnecessary.

In reality, some of the “simplistic” kitchen remodeling jobs can quickly turn catastrophic. Here are four projects to enlist the professional support of a plumbing contractor:

Install garbage disposals
On DIY websites such as Popular Mechanics, the garbage disposal replacement is “fairly simple.” Yet between the drain fittings, electrical connections and leaks, the garbage disposal installation, replacement is best managed by a plumbing contractor.

Replace or install Dishwashers
Installing a dishwasher is not a small kitchen remodeling project to embark upon without an expert. From the removal of the old unit, site preparation of the new dishwasher to disconnecting the water line, there are too many steps and frustration involved to chance.

Install an Icemaker or Configure a Refrigeration System
If you know how where to locate the filling tube and solenoid coil or valve, turn off the valve leading to the copper waterline or remove the rear lower access panel on back of the refrigerator—without referring to a manual, than installing an icemaker or the configuration of a refrigeration system should be a straightforward DIY kitchen remodeling project.

Remodeling your kitchen can be extremely exciting, but doing it right is very important. Call a licensed plumber to ensure you don’t have to fix things in a few months or years if something was done incorrectly. Call Hoffmann Brothers for all your plumbing and Kitchen remodeling needs at 314-664-3011. Request a bidthrough our online form with one of our Plumbing advisors.

Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Remodeling Hassle Free

  1. Always select plumbers based on their previous remodeling experience.
  2. Be skeptical of unusually low remodeling bids. Note that in an effort to secure a new project, inexperienced and/or illicit contractors often underbid the competition.
  3. Conduct your own research, comparing the kitchen remodeling parts (i.e.: kitchen faucets, sinks, pipes, etc).
  4. Make sure the contractor carries enough insurance to cover any mistakes made or damage to your home. The minimum Missouri state Insurance is $50,000, Hoffmann Brothers carries $2,000,000 for the safety and peace of mind to every homeowner we do business for.
  5. If your kitchen remodeling project involves replacing pipe fixtures, be sure to inquire about the compatibility with your home’s plumbing system infrastructure.
  6. Ask for everything in writing. In the kitchen remodeling agreement, review all fine print, making note of any disclaimers and estimate contingencies. Make sure the remodeling bid quote includes a schedule, outlining the completion date for various facets of the kitchen remodeling project. For instance, some plumbers and remodeling contractors impose additional fees for projects.
  7. Prior to awarding your kitchen remodeling project to a contractor, conduct the last phase of research check the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Missouri attorney general, Google, and Angie’s List for the plumber reviews. Avoid kitchen contractors, demonstrating a pattern of unprofessional or illicit transactions.
  8. And for the final step of research, contact the plumber’s references.

Hoffmann Brothers has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a preferred Service provider on Angie’s List.

Complete Your Kitchen Remodeling in St Louis with Hoffmann Brothers

Our plumbers can help make the kitchen remodel go as smooth as possible! Hoffmann Brothers has been in business for over 40 years, and you can guarantee the work that we do is quality craftsmanship. Call one of our plumbers today to request a bid on your kitchen remodeling project at (314) 664-3011.