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HVAC Tips & Advice

Even though most St. Louis city residents won’t be hosting an Earth Day bash, there are 14 approaches to observe April 22nd in St. Louis City. 1.    Turn off any unused or extraneous lighting. 2.    Replace any incandescent light bulbs with an LED or CFL light bulb. 3.    Help conserve landfill space, investing in a recycle bin. Then, go through the recycling plastic bags, cans, bottles, and paper. 4.    In St. Louis City, always run full loads of dishes and laundry to maximize water conservation and energy consumption. 5.    Schedule an air conditioning check up in St Louis City @ http://www.hoffmannbros.com/.  (Note that newer ACs are significantly more energy efficient than models, 10 years and older). 6.    Install a programmable thermostat to reduce heating and air conditioning costs by twenty percent in St. Louis City. A programmable thermostat enables home dwellers to decrease or raise the thermostat temperature when the domicile...

“Sunset Hills ' residential property owners can oust those exorbitant energy costs by getting ahead of the season”, announces air conditioning contractor. Energy savings entails several basic tactics.

Ah Spring, a time of year to rejuvenate the home inside out. From the air conditioner, the garden, to hard to reach crevices, St. Charles County air conditioning contractor offers a variety of spring-cleaning tips.


Some homeowners live by the motto: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” or more specifically “Until it’s broken, preventative HVAC maintenance is unnecessary in St. Louis.” Yet, U.S. energy reports and safety statistics suggest that biannual heating and air conditioning check-ups reduce the chances of fire fatalities and exorbitant utility bills.

“When it comes to cutting heating costs, Florissant residents can lower energy costs by learning how to read their home’s electric meter and installing a programmable thermostat,” advises Florissant heating contractor, Hoffmann Brothers.


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