If it were possible to provide homeowners with a single neon flashing warning before HVAC installation, the Hoffmann Brother’s alert would read: “Ensure appropriate duct sizing.” Unfortunately, duct sizing is often left to the fine print. We’ve all been taught to read the fine print before we sign. Your signature is an agreement to be bound by the document terms. It has legal and contractual consequences. Consider the fine print of your HVAC installation.

Getting HVAC Ductwork Sizing Correct Before Installation

Besides the obvious purchase of a heating or cooling unit from a big brand name like Trane, York, or Lenox, your invoice should include details of the critically important ductwork. Ductwork sizing and installation impacts system performance, cost, and comfort.

The ductwork might be buried in the walls of your home, but it’s not invisible or inconsequential. In fact, the ducts of your HVAC system are a component used year-round, whether you are heating, cooling, or recirculating air with the fan alone. Optimal duct size, layout, and sealing ensure appropriate airflow to all zones of your home while minimizing losses. Energy input to your hardworking heating and cooling units should be used to condition your home, not lost in the ductwork due to airflow issues.

With 90% of duct systems undersized, it’s one of the most common diagnoses in faulty HVAC systems.

Problems Associated With Incorrect HVAC Duct Sizing

Consider the symptoms of undersized ductwork:

  • Increased utility costs
  • More repair visits
  • Reduced equipment capacity
  • Decreased equipment life expectancy
  • Less interior comfort

Price competition pressures some HVAC contractors to undersize ductwork in order to quote a lower price. But the homeowner suffers. Work with a contractor you trust and ask questions to ensure the complete installation, including the ductwork fine print, will meet your needs long-term.

Call Hoffmann Brothers to Properly Measure Your Ductwork

Hoffmann Brothers ensures your initial HVAC investment and your month-to-month utility dollars aren’t lost in a ventilation maze. Our duct sizing and design promotes even air distribution. Our qualified contractors include variables like open floor plans, high ceilings, multiple stories, and basements in our load calculations for new ductwork installations, repairs, and replacements.

Call (314) 664-3011 for an HVAC contractor whose attention to detail means you’ll never be surprised by the fine print.