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An annual furnace tune up is the very basic preventative furnace maintenance required to keep a heating furnace working efficiently each winter. We all wish we could skip it, but the reality is that these units take a beating during the cold St Louis months. Call the St Louis furnace experts at Hoffmann Brothers to perform your annual furnace maintenance before the chill arrives. Our goal is to give you and your family properly working heat when you need it the most.

Heating Furnace Inspection To Troubleshoot Common Issues

The most common reasons Hoffmann Brothers heating experts perform a routine furnace maintenance include:

  • Addressing Furnace Wear & Tear – Prevent furnace failure on the coldest days of winter, the time when your furnace must work the hardest. We’ll address all wear and tear issues to make sure your furnace is not compromised or susceptible to failure.
  • Safety Checks – Gas valves and other essential systems sometimes require cleaning and calibrating needed since the last checkup. We will perform the small repairs and cleaning needed to ensure that your system is operating properly.
  • Checking For Leaks – Consider the risk of toxic carbon monoxide leaks in your home. Hazards from this odorless invisible gas can be prevented with a thorough furnace inspection. We focus on the health of your furnace heat exchanger.

Signs of a Faltering Furnace

Heating system technology has come a long way over the last decade. In fact, systems designed more than 12 years ago are often due for a replacement, as these conventional heating systems lose energy efficiency over time.

Don’t let the furnace and heating system go without a checkup this winter. For safety reasons alone, any furnace reliant upon gas or other fossil fuels calls for an inspection. Preventative maintenance prolongs a furnace and heating system’s shelf life.

Common signs of a furnace needing repairs or replacement include:

  • The utility bill is one telltale sign of a faltering furnace. Review energy costs and usage over the last three to five winters. If you notice that utility bill has been on the rise, compare your usage.
  • If you are perpetually resetting the thermostat to achieve a desired temperature or the furnace is constantly recycling on and off, the furnace calls for attention. In many cases an air filter replacement will quell the problem.
  • A pungent odor of gas in close proximity to the furnace requires the immediate attention of a heating contractor. For any home in St. Louis, leaking gas can lead to a fatal situation (fire, gas poisoning).
  • If the pilot light is unable to maintain a light, a furnace repair call is in order. Be sure to call a heating and cooling contractor to set an emergency appointment and find out what steps to take to keep your home safe. Note that only a heating and cooling contractor, licensed in St. Louis, has the expertise to make heating and furnace repairs and installation.
  • Preventative maintenance is essential in identifying if the furnace’s heat exchanger is working properly. A cracked heat exchanger burns fuel, emitting carbon monoxide into the home. Carbon monoxide poison is fatal. Each year, hundreds of Missourians die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Furnace Maintenance Service Throughout the St Louis Area

We understand why some homeowners just skip their annual furnace tune-up in the interest of saving money. The challenge is that these homeowners pay for the missed visit each and every month with higher utility bills when their furnaces operate at reduced efficiency. When Hoffmann Brothers’ heating and cooling contractors perform your annual furnace maintenance, this can often lead to your heating furnace meeting and even exceeding the quoted life expectancy.

Call Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling at 314-664-3011 for a professional and affordable furnace tune-up right away. And be sure to join the Hoffmann Brothers Home Protection Plan and get your heating and cooling tune-up done annually.

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