Common signs that you need a new furnace, like high energy bills, loud noises, and uneven heating, mean it is likely time to call a professional for a quote on furnace replacement. Furnace replacement, whether due to a breakdown or an upgrade, improves energy efficiency, lowers utility costs, and gives you reliable heat during winter.

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Your Trusted, Reliable Furnace Replacement Company in St Louis

The last thing anyone wants to deal with in the dead of winter is a furnace breakdown, but they happen. Whether your furnace just went kaput, or you are proactively replacing your furnace with a more efficient, greener, cost-effective option, Hoffmann Brothers is here to help.

Hoffmann Brothers HVAC technicians will walk you through the entire furnace replacement process to ensure you get the right fit for your St. Louis home or business. Our residential and commercial furnace replacement service starts with a consultation that allows us to inspect your space, gauge the needs of your household or business, and make an informed recommendation tailored to your unique requirements and preferences.

Hoffmann Brothers’ Experienced Technician Replacing Furnace in St Louis

Furnace replacements are complex because it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Factors that contribute to choosing the best fit for your property include the following:

  • load calculation, which considers the square footage and the number of doors and windows
  • size
  • efficiency rating
  • furnace types include single-stage, 2-stage, modulating, gas, and electric.
  • Brand
  • The time you plan to stay in your home

Not to mention, we know that a replacement furnace is an investment that has ramifications both in the short and long term. It is not only about your budget for the initial expense but the utility bills, comfort, and health of your home and family for years to come that matters. Our service technicians will present you with the information and options and then let you decide what works for you. Call 314-664-3011 or fill out our online form to schedule a furnace replacement consultation today!

Signs Your St. Louis Home’s Furnace Needs Replaced

How do you tell when your furnace needs to be replaced? Some tell-tale signs indicate that you should start shopping for a new furnace. Common signs of a failing furnace include:

  • strange noises or smells
  • increased energy bills
  • uneven heating and general inefficiency
  • inconsistent temperature between the thermostat and room temperature
  • constantly adjusting the temperature on the thermostat to reach comfort
  • frequent furnace repairs
  • safety concerns associated with a malfunctioning furnace, such as carbon monoxide leaks
  • unit is 15 – 20+ years old
  • unusually dusty home, which indicates poor ductwork
  • a complete breakdown
  • smoking or sparking while on
  • yellow burner light instead of blue
  • short cycling or turning on and off every few minutes
  • ignition issues

Don’t wait for a complete breakdown if you notice one or multiple of these furnace replacement indicators. Call Hoffmann Brothers today at 314-664-3011 for a quote and start the furnace replacement process for your home or business.

Benefits of Furnace Replacement

There are a number of advantages of replacing an old furnace, including improved energy efficiency, lower utility bills, enhanced indoor comfort, and a reduced carbon footprint. In fact, “older fossil fuel furnace and boiler systems have efficiencies in the range of 56% to 70%” vs. “modern conventional heating systems can achieve efficiencies as high as 98.5%,” which can save the average household “1.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year if you heat with natural gas, or 2.5 tons if you heat with oil.”[1]

Furnace Replacement Services By Hoffmann Brothers In St Louis, MO

Other benefits include:

  • federal tax credits[2]
  • rebates[3]
  • lower utility bills
  • consistent, even heat throughout the property
  • fewer repairs or breakdowns
  • safety
  • peace of mind

The benefits often outweigh the furnace replacement cost, as your safety, comfort, and peace of mind are priceless.

Hoffmann Brothers: The Professional Contractor You Can Trust to Replace Your Furnace

When it comes to improved efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness, hiring a professional to remove, replace, and install your new furnace is the optimal choice. Hoffmann Brothers technicians are expert, trained, and experienced in furnace services like installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. We have the proper equipment for precise furnace services, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Hoffmann Brothers brings over 40 years of experience, technology, advice, and guidance to every HVAC service appointment. Our technicians are ready and equipped to handle your furnace replacement. Contact us today at 314-664-3011 for reliable furnace replacement service.

STL Furnace Replacement FAQ

How Much to Replace a Furnace?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost, including the type, size, and efficiency level of the furnace, plus the installation cost. Once you and the contractor have those details ironed out, it helps determine what the price should be.

When To Replace Furnace?

You should replace your furnace if it is 15-20 years old and starting to have frequent repairs.

How To Replace Furnace Filter?

First, find and open the access panel. Pull out the furnace filter and insert the fresh one, ensuring the arrow indicator on the side/top points toward the part of the furnace where heat will be generated. Close the access panel. Repeat every 30-90 days, depending on the kind of filters you choose.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Furnace?

Furnace installation as part of a furnace replacement could take between 4 and 10 hours.

Does A Heat Pump Replace a Furnace?

In mild locations, a heat pump could replace a furnace. However, in St. Louis, where our weather can go to extremes, a heat pump and a furnace work together. The heat pump would bring heat to a certain point, but the colder and closer it gets to the freezing point, the more heat you need, and the furnace will kick on to do the heavy lifting.

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