Summary of Reviews for GeoComfort Geothermal Products

In St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County, homeowners rave about the GeoComfort air quality.

We don’t install GeoComfort geothermal systems just because we’re an authorized distributor. Our choice is based on hundreds of satisfied customers.”Hoffmann Brothers’ Geothermal Specialist

The GeoComfort series of geothermal systems stand out among other manufacturers for one reason – performance. Missouri homeowners from three different counties (St. Louis, Jefferson and St. Charles) agree that these GeoComfort systems truly deliver an energy system wrapped in comfort.

What Customers Are Saying About GeoComfort Systems

To feature a concise overview of the GeoComfort Systems, we’ve summarized our customers reviews on the GeoComfort series of geothermal heating and cooling heat pumps.

  • A high percentage of homeowners from St. Louis, Jefferson, and St. Charles counties raved about the ability to run their GeoComfort system on the muggiest of days, without worrying about the energy bill.
  • Most St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles County homeowners gave the GeoComfort System high marks for its return on investment (ROI). With the availability of the U.S Department of energy tax credit, homeowners are recouping outlays within 7-10 years of the GeoComfort geothermal installation.
  • Many homeowners also raved about the GeoComforts’ nearly silent heating and cooling quality. (Standard heating and cooling systems are significantly louder than the GeoComfort’s geothermal systems).
  • Because GeoComfort geothermal systems have to pass Energy Star standards for performance, energy efficiency and durability, St. Charles County, St. Louis County, and Jefferson County homeowners have an assurance of quality.
  • In terms of quality control, GeoComfort institutes strict policies pertaining to installation. For starters, only geothermal heating and cooling contractors who have been certified by Energy Star have the credentials to install a GeoComfort system.

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