Ladue Plumber: On Demand Water Heaters Pros + Cons

In terms of on demand water heaters pros and cons, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks for the average Ladue household. From tax incentives, a return on investment to even more space in the home, on demand water heaters pros and cons trump the standard gas storage hot water heater.

A tankless water heating systems upfront costs may be off-putting for the Ladue family with a long list of financial responsibilities.

“The return on investment proves to be the underlying benefit between an on demand water heater and a conventional one” explains a representative of Hoffmann Brothers, Ladue on demand water heating service.

Energy efficiency
On demand hot water heaters trump the energy efficiency of a stand unit. Because the hot water system heats water as needed and when needed, these major appliances do not consume gas and electricity like storage hot water heaters.

More space
Rather than take up two-to-three feet of floor space, tankless water heaters reside on the wall, approximately the same length and width of a 15-inch laptop.

Lower maintenance costs
A standard hot water heater requires service at least once a year. Because these units are susceptible to accumulating sediment, an annual flushing is usually prescribed by the manufacturer and necessary to maintain the terms of the warranty. In contrast, on demand hot water heaters do not have a tank, so there’s no need to worry about flooding or flushing.

Longer warranties
Because tankless units are engineered to last up to 20 years, a warranty of up to 12 years is common among ENERGY STAR certified water heaters.

Current tax incentives
From now through the end of the year, on demand water heaters qualify for a tax credit in Ladue. Read more about this tax incentive here.

Return on investment
On demand hot water heaters offer one benefit that standard units do not render: a return on investment. Within the first seven to 10 years a tankless hot water heater pays for itself in energy savings. Conversely, standard hot water heaters tend to consume more and more energy with age.

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