How a Tankless Water Heater Benefits a Madison County Home?

An on-demand, or tankless water heater, comes with a higher upfront price and a wealth of benefits, rivaling a standard gas hot water heater. Madison County residential property owners often find that the advantages of a tankless water heater outlasts those of a gas water heater. Hoffmann Brothers, the St Louis area water heater specialists serving Madison County residents, itemizes the benefits of on demand water heaters.

Energy savings, personified: In contrast to a standard unit, a tankless hot water heater system yields a return on in investment (ROI). Because a tankless water heater does not perpetually expend energy, like a regular hot water heater, it is far more energy efficient. When the program assessed the energy savings between hot water systems and tankless units, the study found that households with an on demand unit reduced energy costs by at least $100 a year in comparison to a conventional gas water heater.

Non-stop hot water
With a tankless water heater, Madison County residents enjoy the freedom to take longer showers without worrying about using up the hot water supply and wasting energy. A dual set of tankless water heaters allows for simultaneous water consumption in Madison County households with high water demand.

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Space savings
The space requirements of a tankless water heater are minimal. These systems occupy approximately 2 feet x 2 feet of wall space (A standard water heater occupies three-feet of floor space and five feet in height). In certain cases, some Madison County homes save additional space with an exterior installation.

In Madison County residential property owners rely on Hoffmann Brothers, the water heating specialists, for repairs, tankless water heaters and conventional model installations. If you are looking to replace your standard hot water heater with a tankless, request a bid here. Or if you are needing service on your tankless water heater request service through our website. Or as always, you can call us at (314) 664-3011.

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