What Your HVAC System has in Common with Cable

Automatic bill pay can be a dangerous concept. Sure, it’s convenient for some items like a monthly vitamin delivery through Amazon. You know exactly how quickly you run out of a 30 day supply, you benefit from a subscribe and save discount, and you score free shipping. Not to mention the convenience of never running out of your multivitamin.

The Cable and HVAC Connection
However, auto-pay in the cable business starts to get tricky. It’s easy for your premium network package to expire, your monthly DVR rental fee to change, or your teenager’s on-demand movie use to get out of control. In addition, competition for business often allows a cable customer service representative to quote lower rates to keep your business.

Like your cable bill, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your utility bill. Start with the energy source for your HVAC system. Many homeowners have a gas powered furnace and an electricity powered air conditioning unit.

Why Watch for Fluctuations in Energy Use
Your utility bill is like a case closing clue, or a symptom entered on WebMD that finally diagnoses a disease. Pay attention to large fluctuations in electricity use month-to-month, unexplained by outside temperature or thermostat set point variability. If this summer’s electric use exceeds last summer, it’s time to look at your air conditioning unit.

Increases in electric consumption indicate a drop in efficiency of your AC unit. They shouldn’t be ignored. Some common problems are easily repairable. Others require the professional installation of replacement parts. Still others might indicate the impending failure of your unit.

The Budget Billing HVAC Conundrum
Most Americans are on a budget. Monthly premiums for home insurance can help. So can budget billing for energy costs. The large spikes in energy use during the heat of the summer don’t need to cause a similar dip in your checking balance. The fees are averaged smoothly over the course of the year.

You can still benefit from budget billing while watching your energy use. Your paper or electronic statement from the utility company provides energy use details. Many include a graph to trend historical use.

Call Hoffmann Brothers today at (314) 664-3011 for a comprehensive whole home home energy audit to curtail your electric use.

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