Technically Speaking: Heating and Cooling Answers

What is a heating and cooling system? What services do HVAC contractors provide…read the answers to these questions and more?

What comprises the heating and cooling system?

Heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems are comprised of a spectrum of mechanical and electrical components, which include, the furnace, pumps, fans, ducts, switches, motors, compressors, thermostats, and pipes. (Geothermal systems differ from standard heating and cooling units, as the engineering is configured under the ground).

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What are the core competencies of a heating and cooling company?

heating and cooling contractor’s main responsibilities entail maintaining, prescribing solutions and amending any glitches in the home’s comfort system.

Do any credentials validate the legitimacy of a heating and cooling company?

As some heating and cooling companies serving the greater metropolitan St. Louis region are outsourcing agencies, it is important to look for companies emblemized with the Technician Seal of Safety™. The credential identifies that a heating and cooling contractor’s employees have been drug tested, had a criminal background check and adequate training to ensure expert service repairs.


Technician Seal of Safety™ connotes that homeowners are merely guaranteed safety and an expert heating and cooling contractor.

Is an annual heating system check-up overkill?

Heating and cooling companies offer bi-annual service contracts to offset the unforeseen repairs that can be ultimately extortionate with improper maintenance. Also, bi-annual furnace, air conditioning and ventilations maintenance ensures that the home’s comfort system runs efficiently, reducing energy surges that spike utility bills.

Moreover, a reputable heating and cooling company will offer a guarantee on the labor and manufacturers parts. Without both warranties, consumers should consider another contractor.

Are most heating and cooling contractors familiar with standard and alternative heating systems?

Most do not hold certification in conventional and alternative energy. Heating and cooling companies with certification in standard and geothermal systems offer the best advice for residential and commercial properties. Since these organizations are generally affiliated with the Associations of Builders and Contractors Inc., owners have the assurance that they will receive accurate advice and a precision installment. Please click on heating and cooling or geothermal systems to learn more.

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