St. Louis Heating and Air conditioning: Little Time Remains for Tax Credit and Other HVAC Appliances

Is your residential heating and air conditioning system outmoded? Should you replace the furnace, air conditioning system, and other HVAC appliances for Energy Star qualified products? Do any HVAC appliances qualify for the U. S. Department of Energy’s tax credit? Hoffmann Brothers, a name synonymous with an exceptional heating and air conditioning contractor in St. Louis clarifies what homeowners of the Greater St. Louis Area, Metro East, and St. Charles Counties should know about replacing HVAC systems.

As furnaces, air conditioning systems and appliances purchased prior to December 31st, 2011 to secure a $500 tax rebate, this energy credit applies to consumers, residing in the Greater St. Louis area, Metro East, Jefferson and St. Charles Counties. The DOE’s program mandates that manufacturers have to terminate the production of HVAC appliances, which fail to meet the newly instituted efficiency benchmarks. This means that a plethora of products will be phased out.

Consumers should check the manufacturers’ websites to determine how these changes influence requesting a repair or obtaining replacement parts for furnaces, water tanks and air conditioning and other HVAC related appliances.

The scope of appliances affected by the DOE’s new efficiency standards is too extensive to detail in one article. However, in the sphere of heating and air conditioning and HVAC components that qualify for the tax credit extension, expiring December 31st, 2011, in St. Louis, here are a few notable products that qualify: ceiling fans, air-conditioners, central air conditioning, heat pumps, boilers and furnaces. However, only ENERGY STAR qualified HVAC appliances are inclusive of the tax rebate.

Fortunately, the DOE’s new performance standards do not render homeowners with older furnaces, air conditioning and other HVAC appliances obsolete. While there are not any laws stipulating that consumers of the Greater St. Louis area, Jefferson Metro East, and St. Charles Counties have to discard appliances that the DOE deems inefficient, consumers might calculate the operating costs of older models to HVAC appliances meeting the DOE’s standard to evaluate whether a replacement affords more value than a repair.

If you live in the Greater St. Louis area, Jefferson, Metro East, and St. Charles Counties contact St. Louis’ preferred HVAC contractor to determine the cost efficacy of making a furnace, air conditioning system or other HVAC appliance replacement or repair.

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