St. Louis Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor Forecasts New Energy Efficiency Laws

It’s no wonder that the standards for heating and air conditioning efficiency differ across the country. In Missouri the climate differs significantly than the temperatures of the Upper Peninsula, Houston Texas, and even Michigan. Despite distinctive weather differences and various standard requirements in heating and air conditioning efficiency, Missouri residential property owners on the verge of needing a new HVAC have a number of factors to consider.

While cutting corners may seem like an easy way to reduce costs, the Department of Energy (DOE), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local codes mandate minimum efficiency requirements. Impending new laws anticipate improving the energy efficiency and environmental impact of both residential furnaces and central air conditioning systems.

For a furnace these new requirements would enhance efficiency by approximately 13 percent and while increasing a central air conditioner’s efficiency by 8 percent. Certain coolants that have previously been used will also be banned in the U.S.

Through implementation of these new heating and cooling standards, forecasts predict an annual greenhouse gas emission reduction of up to 23 million metric tons. This decrease in CO2 emissions is equivalent to the amount of CO2 produced by an estimated 4 million cars yearly.

With these looming HVAC energy efficiency guidelines, homeowners can expect to trim energy costs with the latest generation of Energy Star certified heating and air conditioning technology. Researching a heating and air conditioning system that will accommodate a home’s climate and compliance standards will become an important part of the buying process.

Whether you reside in Belleville, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Webster Groves, or St Louis, The heating and air conditioning contractors at Hoffmann Brothers are licensed in the states of Illinois and Missouri to comply with your local HVAC codes. To start exploring more energy efficient heating and cooling options from HVAC experts, contact Hoffmann Brothers today.

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