Smart Energy Saving Tactics for Creve Coeur Residents

Your home’s heating system offers a reservoir of warmth and energy efficiency. It’s all in how Creve Coeur homeowners utilize the home’s heating components to influence warmth. Hoffmann Brothers, a highly reputable heating contractor, reviews solutions to promote energy savings.

Renewable Energy

Geothermal heat pumps garner as much as 70 percent a year in energy costs associated with heating and cooling a home. If energy costs continue to dwindle in Creve Coeur, a home conditioned by a geothermal heating and cooling system could pay next to nothing in annual expenditures.

Heating system

To yield the greatest energy efficiency from your home’s heating and cooling system; maintain an annual tune up schedule. A comfort system loses 5 percent of its energy efficiency for each year it foregoes a checkup. Not to mention, most furnaces start at AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) air below an 85 percent AFUE.

Note: A monthly air filter replacement assures three benefits: Namely, regular replacements improve indoor air quality, promote energy efficiency on the home’s comfort system while extending the life of the heating system.

>> Fireplace

Whether your Creve Coeur household uses a wood-burning heat or a gas-burning fireplace, some of these heat-generating appliances may complement warmth depending on your home’s layout or architecture.

>> Programmable thermostat

Reduce energy consumption by setting a programmable thermostat, according to when everyone is home. During the day, when most Creve Coeur residential properties are vacant, reduce the thermostat by two to five degrees for the greatest energy savings.

If your Creve Coeur abode does not have a programmable thermostat, the ENERGY STAR ® program recommends selecting units according to your household’s typical activity schedule.

Please see this page on programmable thermostats features

>> Winter humidifier settings

A humidifier helps the average Creve Coeur household retain warmth. According to a report published by Elizabeth Baier of the Mayo Clinic, one researcher found that raising the humidifier up to 60 percent reduced the spread of virus by more than 25 percent. Additional findings of the humidity study are on this audible report:

Adjust the humidifier setting between 20 and 55 for the best heat retention.

And for a fuss free humidifier installation in Creve Coeur dial (314) 664-3011.

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