Should You Defer HVAC Maintenance?

While many thermostats show temperatures slowly dropping down between the 80s and 90s in Missouri, few citizens are thinking about having the heating system checked. Besides, how does a heating and air conditioning contractor check the heating system when it’s sweltering outside? The heating and air conditioning contractor Hoffmann Brothers is able to evaluate HVAC systems regardless of the time of year.

It’s not unusual to overlook maintenance on the heating system or boiler until something goes awry. The problem is that by the time one discovers the heating system is on the fritz, it’s usually the dead of winter. During the throes of a heating crisis new parts and replacements are often the reality, and these last minute priority orders generally come at an expensive price. Deferring maintenance on your HVAC system can end up costing you more money in the long run.

Like automobile engines need an oil change after so many miles, the home’s heating system requires regular upkeep every year. With daily use parts loosen, debris accumulates and other issues can impede your heating system’s performance. Not to mention, the safety concerns of running a heating system that has not been evaluated for a gas leak, corrosion and other potentially dangerous elements. Ignoring these issues can lead to many hazards, including fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

During the HVAC check up, Jefferson County heating and air conditioning contractors will not only check for potential hazards, they will fine tune the home’s comfort system to economize on energy without reducing the quality of your home’s heat. This means maximum performance with an energy savings of at least 15 percent.

The philosophy: ‘if it’s not broken, it does not need fixing” does not apply to maintaining a home’s HVAC system. Comparable to a vehicle’s engine, your home’s HVAC system calls for biannual care to ensure proper functionality and safety.

Just because it’s still “working,” doesn’t mean the HVAC doesn’t need preventative maintenance. Schedule your heating and air conditioning check up here >>

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