How to Tweak a Collinsville IL Home’s Energy Savings

Heating a home is an unavoidable expense in Collinsville IL. Utility bills account for one-third of the average American household’s expenditures. Yet, managing energy costs comes easy with the right strategy. Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling experts reveal how to manage heating utility and maintenance costs.

Basic Energy Saving Tactics in Collinsville IL

If your Collinsville IL home has older windows where air is leaking in, apply a clear plastic application to block out cold drafts, which cause the heating system to operate longer and harder. Also, many energy advocates advise filling up cracks and other air leaks with an appropriate sealant.

Heating Tune up / Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on the home’s heating system affords three critical purposes for a Collinsville IL home.

1) Foremost, preventative maintenance ensures that your home’s heating system is safe to warm the home.

2) Heating systems using a fossil fuel, in particular, call for an annual check up to clean debris and tighten connections.

(314) 664-3011 is the number for reliable heating service in Collinsville, IL.

3) A heating system’s performance influences its energy efficiency. A heating check up fine tunes the heating system, making it operate like a well-oiled machine.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are helping Collinsville I homeowners manage utility costs. When the home is vacant during the day, lowering the temperature by five degrees saves 5 percent of the home’s monthly heating expenses.

An outmoded heating system (generally 12 years and older) is incapable of complementing energy efficiency. Overtime, these aging heater units give way. Beat a heater replacement before it releases its last breath of warm air.

Consumer buying tip:

Consumer buying tip:

When shopping for a new furnace or heating system, compare the annual fuel utilization efficiency rate (AFUE). Consider heater systems and furnaces with a minimum of 85 AFUE.

For heating system replacements, repairs, and energy efficient solutions, Hoffmann Brothers is the preferred heating contractor for Collinsville IL homeowners.

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