Evaluating a Heating and Cooling Contractor’s Expertise

Selecting a Qualified HVAC Contractor in Belleville, IL


Online reviews do not illustrate the true qualifications of a heating and cooling contractor in Belleville, IL. The internet is a treasure trove of accurate and incorrect information. Several questions help distinguish an expert heating and cooling contractor from an unqualified one.


Does the heating and air conditioning contractor hold a current license in Belleville, IL?

A licensed heating and cooling contractor understands the safety and energy standards necessary to repair any aged heating or


Does the heating and cooling company have any licenses and affiliations, validating its credibility?

Heating, cooling and plumbing embody a household’s vital organs. These major appliances and infrastructure call for heating and cooling experts licensed and affiliated with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).


Hoffmann Brother’s Heating and Air Conditioning is a licensed mechanical engineer. Because the proprietor’s qualifications and affiliations, the company holds its staff at a higher standard than other heating companies.


Because some companies in the heating and cooling business don’t always apply ethical practices, the Better Business Bureau presents a succinct overview of an HVAC company’s track record.


Does the heating and cooling contractor outsource its services calls?

Outsourced heating and cooling contractors do not uphold the same service standards as a company like Hoffmann Brothers.


When a heating and cooling contractor outsources service calls to an unlicensed technician, the homeowner is the only party at risk. For starters, an unlicensed heating or cooling contractor may not be aware of all code statutes in Belleville, IL.


An outsourced heating and cooling contractor may not have a certificate of insurance, so in the event he or she has an accident, the homeowner could be held liable for any medical bills, losses and damages.


Finally, a reputable heating and cooling company hires licensed bonded and drug tested technicians.


What are the heating and cooling companies standards for hiring new technicians?

Try to get a sense of the heating and cooling contractors hiring practices by looking at its website. A reputable heating and cooling contractor administers a background and drug test.


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