Beating Future Residential Energy Costs in St. Louis, Jefferson St. Charles Counties

In St. Louis, Jefferson and St. Charles Counties, residential consumers may have to bear the brunt of the Department of Energy and the U.S. Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) new standards for commercial and industrial buildings requirements slated for 2014. As natural gas, coal and other energy providers will have to meet certain standards to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, there is speculation that these costs will be passed onto consumers. This means that homeowners across America could pay up to 30 percent more in heating and cooling costs.

According the Division of Energy, Missouri is basically reliant on other states for its coal, natural gas and other fossil fuel resources. Following the mortgage, heating and cooling represent the greatest household expenditures in St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County and surrounding townships. [Source:]

With a few remaining rebates, it’s not too late to cash in on some of these tax credits or consider s geothermal systems to offset the portending utility hikes.

Furnace upgrade

Homes with a furnace more than 12-years old, qualify for a tax rebate of up to $150 from Ameren Missouri for the purchase of an ENERGY STAR qualified natural gas furnace 92 percent AFUE. (These tax incentives are due to expire at the end of 2012). It is notable that furnaces, manufactured prior to 2000–expend more energy to warm the home than Energy Star-qualified models.

Amid pending energy hikes, tax rebates due to expire and the energy savings that high efficiency appliances offer versus outmoded ones, the time is opportune for considering a furnace replacement.

Tankless water heater

Water heaters contribute to the second largest energy use in the home. [Source:]

A source from the Energy Star Web site reports that Ameren Missouri is also offering $125 or 50 off of the water heater with a mail-in rebate. Please click tankless water heater to read more.

Geothermal systems

Geothermal systems are definitely a quantifiable means of energy savings. Storing warm and cool air underground in vertical or horizontal coils, geothermal systems reduce approximately a third of annual energy costs. Moreover, residential homeowners attain up to 30 percent on all parts and labor associated with geothermal system installations.
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