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Here is a question we received recently from a Homeowner in Chesterfield, MO.

Dear Hoffmann Brothers,

Recently, I noticed that our furnace was making clanking noises. Our heating and cooling system is only five years old, so it’s never needed any maintenance. But since this summer has been extraordinarily hot, the uninterrupted use is probably more than the central air conditioning system can handle. However, we recently noticed a water leak in a room directly underneath where the cooling system resides in the attic. Is it possible for an air conditioning unit to leak, causing water damage? My husband thinks that it was probably due to the condensation.

Thank you,
Joann Spellman

First, Thank you Joann for your question. We get many questions of customers who are noticing things in their home towards the end of a heating or cooling system. Many homeowners will just put them off until next year and deal with them once they go to turn the AC or furnace back on, but this is something that won’t go away just because you stop using your air conditioner.

From the sounds of your heating and cooling system’s symptoms, it sounds like it requires a check -up.

Bi-annual check ups are essential to keeping the heating and cooling system operating in optimized performance. When heating and cooling systems are in good working order, it innately impels efficiency. That’s why maintenance before the onset of the summer and winter are optimal for assuring clean air quality and maximizing the efficiency of the heating and cooling system.

While many consumers scoff at the recommended biannual maintenance, few consider how dirty these moveable parts become and how it influences clean indoor air quality. Moreover, it has been proven that clean and well maintained heating and cooling systems have an enduring shelf life; thus, avoiding the expense of investing in a new furnace.  As for the leak, your drain pan in the air handler can be overflowing.  This is just another issue that can be resolved by doing annual maintenance.

As for the clanking noises, it might be attributed to the cooling system running low on Freon. While air conditioning, leaks are often the byproduct of dirty, inept, corroded, or faulty coverings, the aforementioned possibilities should not and cannot replace the professional advice of a heating and contracting contractor.

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