Affton, MO Heating and Cooling Contractor Replies to HVAC Queries

For the residential property owners of Affton MO, Hoffmann Brothers fields answers about heating and cooling systems.


We purchased a new furnace for our Affton, MO home. After reading the installation specifications, my husband thinks that he can manage the installation without professional help. Is this advisable?


Even though your husband feels as though he can install your home’s new furnace, there are several nuances involved in a furnace installation. For safety purposes and code compliance in Affton MO, a certified heating and cooling contractor possesses the expertise to assure a safe furnace installation.



We bought our single family home in Affton, MO three years ago. The heating system, air conditioner, and water heater were brand new. Our neighbors schedule maintenance on their heating and cooling system every year. We have never had our heating and cooling system checked. Are our neighbors wasting money on unnecessary service calls?


Any conventional heating and cooling system, older than 1 year calls for a checkup. Furnaces, air conditioners and other HVAC components are dust magnets. The debris accumulation interrupts energy efficiency and ultimately affects how it works. For safety purposes and to minimize heating and cooling malfunctions, annual maintenance.


Our heating system is working sporadically. Sometimes it goes on and other times it gives out. We have to hire an HVAC contractor. What credentials are most relevant?


We’re looking for an HVAC contractor in Affton, MO that we can call any time of day, in the event of an emergency. This heating and cooling contractor should also be able to recommend how to improve our home’s energy efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency or you need a reliable HVAC expert that you can count on any time of day, Hoffmann Brothers is Affton MO’s premier heating and cooling contractor.

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