7 Tactics to Actualize Energy Savings in St. Charles

Scorching temperatures, frequently higher than 90 degrees, make it merely impossible for St. Charles residents to conserve on energy.  While St. Charles officials plan to institute water use limitations, a heating and air conditioning contractor recommends several tactics for homeowners to assure energy savings around the home.

Obstruct the heat. On hot and muggy days and evenings, shut out humidity by closing blinds, window dressings and drapery. This allows the home to lock in cool air while blocking additional heat sources. Also, make sure doors and other entrances are closed.

Adjust the thermostat. When the home is vacant, and all the windows dressings are drawn, raise the temperature between 77 and 78 degrees to cut energy use while the home is empty.

One St. Charles heating and air conditioning contractor says: “Programmable thermostats automate controlling the home’s climate. Research indicates that households with a programmable thermostat save an additional 5 to 7 percent in household energy costs.

Sync lighting. Replace exterior lights with sensors to extend the life of any light bulb and economize on energy. Replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs or CFLs, as these light bulbs last longer and require less electricity.

Unplug the home. Even when not in use, electrical products consume phantom energy when connected to an outlet. Throughout the home unplug electronics that are in use for an hour or less per day. According to the Energy Star.gov program, this energy savings tactic can save up to 10 percent in annual energy costs.

Full loads (only). Improve the home’s energy efficiency by only running the dishwasher with a full load of soiled plates, cups and silverware. The ideal time to use the dishwasher is in the evening when the home is cooler and using less energy. This also applies to washing clothes.

Enable coolness. On hot and humid days, prepare foods that do not require turning on the stove or oven. Opt for sandwiches, salads and other cold edibles.

Complement the household air conditioner. Clean air filters improve the efficiency and life of most heating and air conditioning systems. Clogged air filters force the air conditioner to work harder to emit cool air. Additionally, annual AC maintenance increases the home cooling system’s efficiency, detecting any potential glitches before they become a costly problem. Homeowners who defer regular AC maintenance ultimately pay more in last minute repairs.

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