6 Consumer Misconceptions of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

HVAC contractor, serving the communities of Jefferson, St. Louis and St. Charles in Missouri dispels six consumer misconceptions pertaining to preventative maintenance.

>> FALSE: Preventative maintenance for heating and air conditioning is a marketing gimmick, established by HVAC contractors to ensure more business.

On the contrary, preventative maintenance represents numerous advantages. An annual AC checkup assures energy conservation and lowers utility bills, while extending the units’ shelf life. In other words, regular checkups improve an AC’s performance.

>> FALSE: Deferring HVAC maintenance economizes energy costs.

When loose parts, an accumulation of debris, and/or corrosion go undetected on an AC due to lack of maintenance, homeowners should expect higher energy bills as well as a malfunctioning heating and air conditioning system. Preventative maintenance entails cleaning the air conditioner and conducting diagnostics to make sure it is operating properly and efficiently.

>> FALSE: It is necessary to change the furnace’s air filter once a year.

Air filters embody a vital role in the promotion of clean air quality. To optimize the HVAC’s performance, heating and air conditioning professionals advise monthly replacement of the air filter.

>> FALSE: As long as an air conditioner releases some type of air, it is working fine.

Anytime an air conditioner does not emit chilly air, it is an indication of a bigger problem.

>> FALSE: Poor indoor air quality does not influence allergies asthmatic symptoms and other respiratory ailments.

Medical research and studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency report that many U.S. households have poorer IAQ than some industrial parks.

>> FALSE: Heating and cooling membership service contracts are a waste of time and money.

No. It hinges on the level of experience and service that the HVAC contractor provides. In the counties of Jefferson, St. Louis and St. Charles, many homeowners deem Hoffmann Brother’s membership programs to be quite cost compatible. For instance, Hoffmann Brothers “All Exclusive Club” membership includes free repairs, no diagnostic fees, and discounts on any HVAC installation.

Hoffmann Brothers is a heating and air conditioning contractor with more than four decades of experience. Their preventative maintenance memberships offers privileges as well as service guarantees. Hoffmann Brothers serves the communities of St. Louis, Jefferson and St Charles Counties, call us today at (314) 664-3011.

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