4 Tricks for HVAC Maintenance

Preventative HVAC maintenance is an important part of sustaining an efficient air conditioning system. In households throughout St. Louis and Jefferson County, the air conditioner is an integral part of home comfort, particularly during the summer. The heating and air conditioning contractor, Hoffmann Brothers offers four preventative HVAC maintenance strategies to extend the life of your AC.

>> Clear any AC obstructions.

Make sure any openings, air registers and vents are not obstructed by drapery, carpets, blinds and other foreign objects which can hinder air flow and safety.

>> Explore clean air devices.

Regardless of how often the air filter is replaced, many airborne contaminants circulate back into the home via the HVAC systems. A germicidal light and an air purification system are two tricks for combating particle matter from recycling itself back in the household.

>> Administer monthly replacements.

Whether it is winter or summer, be sure to replace the air filter on your heating and cooling system every 30 days. With regular air filter changes, homeowners warrant better indoor air quality. Moreover, clean air filters also extend the life of the heating and air conditioning system, while complementing its energy savings.

>> Practice preventative maintenance.

Another trick for optimizing the home’s central air conditioning unit is with annual preventative maintenance. With Hoffmann Brother’s HVAC maintenance households in St. Louis, Jefferson County and St. Charles have the ability to enhance their AC’s cooling and dehumidifying, while recuperating energy savings.

Schedule a preventative maintenance check up to give your home’s heating and air conditioning system the love and care it requires.

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