4 Energy Savings Shortcuts in Fairview Heights, IL

Running a household is not getting any less expensive for the homeowners in Fairview Heights, IL. While many homes do not have the ability forgo using the heating system during the winter, homeowners can actualize energy savings with a few frugal shortcuts. Hoffmann Brothers, a heating contractor serving the community of Fairview Heights, reminds homeowners of ways to trim the monthly energy bill.

Once a month, replace the heating system’s air filter. Thirty day air filter replacements extend the life of your furnace and other heating parts. In the energy savings department, regular air filter changes conserve up to 3 percent of energy monthly.


Don’t skimp on annual HVAC maintenance.

Skipping heating and furnace maintenance eliminates short term expenses, but can end up costing in the end. Improperly maintained heating systems are susceptible to malfunctions, more repairs and higher energy bills.


Leverage your home’s energy efficiency with insulation.

Seal up leaky windows and doors to prevent cool air from seeping in to the home. Air seepage makes your comfort system work harder, wasting energy.


Unplug it. Unused electronic components are an energy zapper. Unplugging the toaster, coffeemaker and other electric goods helps conserve phantom energy, curtailing up to 7 percent on the utility bill.

Micromanage indoor temperatures.

Programmable thermostats have been found to promote an energy savings of up to 15 percent, says the Energy Star program. For homeowners in Fairview Heights, IL, this means lowering the thermostat when the home is vacant and raising the temperatures before occupants return.

It’s those small changes that add up to energy savings.

Hoffmann Brothers helps residential property owners of Fairview Heights, IL maximize energy savings. From the installation of a programmable thermostat and preventative HVAC maintenance to the installation of an energy efficient heating system, the Fairview heating contractor can help with all of your household HVAC needs.

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