3-Must Knows on Preventative HVAC Maintenance in St. Louis

Some homeowners live by the motto: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” or more specifically “Until it’s broken, preventative HVAC maintenance is unnecessary in St. Louis.” Yet, U.S. energy reports and safety statistics suggest that biannual heating and air conditioning check-ups reduce the chances of fire fatalities and exorbitant utility bills.

Recently, Saint Louis heating and air conditioning contractor fielded misguided conceptions on preventative HVAC maintenance. Is it better for heating systems that were not checked for the winter season to defer preventative HVAC maintenance? Preventative HVAC maintenance parallels a person’s annual visit to the doctor. Preventative means to thwart against any critical medical conditions. In the case of a home’s comfort system, preventative protects against poor energy consumption, having to make a premature HVAC replacement, or even a combustive situation. Preventative HVAC maintenance is vital to the longevity of a household’s heating system, energy efficiency and most importantly safety. Even as homeowners opt to defer a check up the following season, the drawback is the uncertainty of facing a heater replacement now or later. At the start of the season, heating appliances are more to replace than at the end of a winter season. Does preventative HVAC maintenance matter anyway? Every facet of preventative maintenance promotes safety and energy efficiency. Annual furnace and heater Inspections ensure that the appliance is not leaking gas, emitting carbon emissions or obstructed with debris. And for energy efficiency, furnaces and other heating systems, demand less energy when tweaked, cleaned and inspected. In Saint Louis, households following a preventative maintenance schedule for the heating system, report lower energy bills and malfunctions. Because my heating system is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, inspections and checks ups are unnecessary. Right? On the contrary, most manufacturer warranties stipulate coverage for heating systems, maintained in accordance with the owner manual specifications. On most heating systems, this care guidelines means annual inspections. Not to mention, certain homeowners’ insurance policies may deny coverage if the provider finds that a heating and cooling system was improperly maintained. Dial (314) 664-3011 for all your heating, and preventative maintenance house calls in Saint Louis MO.

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