Solar Assisted Heat Pumps Spark Newfound Popularity in St. Louis

In St. Louis, MO the Heating and Cooling contractor, Hoffmann Brothers reports that homeowners are warming up to making energy efficient modifications in the home. Alternative heating systems, such as solar assisted heat pumps, geothermal heat and cooling, and other high efficiency appliances generate energy savings overtime.

Although the St. Louis heating and cooling firm has been designing and building geothermal systems for 20 plus years, and offering of other energy efficient heating and cooling services, recently the St. Louis Heating and cooling contractor noticed a surge in solar assisted heat pumps and geothermal heating and cooling bids.

Here’s why there seems to be a newfound interest in passive solar assisted heat pumps.

Along with being energy efficient, solar assisted heat pumps resonate quietness, uncommon with other heat pumps. Even more appealing is the fact that the heating system employs electricity and a solar energy, decreasing a household’s energy consumption. And for the ultimate savings, homeowners have the ability to apply a percentage of the appliance, installation and labor for tax credits—made possible by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act

Meanwhile a solar assisted heat pump is gentle on the environment as R410A, the refrigerant is free of chlorine.

Moreover, there is speculation that American households with energy efficient appliances for the heating system, furnace, and air conditioning improve a home’s property value by at least 5 percent.

In coming years, the homeowners of St. Louis County potentially face stringent heating and cooling legislation. With concerns over energy cost increases, some households are exploring renewable energy sources now. Given the energy tax rebates, it would be impractical for households of St. Louis, Jefferson and St. Charles Counties to overlook these discounts.

Contact Hoffmann Brothers at 314.631.5892 for a complimentary bid quote for solar assisted heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps as well as other heating and cooling systems.

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