Clean Energy Credit UnionHoffmann Brothers is proud to offer loan financing for the installation of Geothermal heating and cooling systems in your home throughout the greater St Louis, Missouri area. We have partnered with Clean Energy Credit Union to offer this fantastic financing option to help reduce energy consumption, utilize clean energy, protect our planet for future generations and save you money in the process.

Clean Energy Loan Rates

Steps Required to Complete your Geothermal Heating and Cooling Loan


    1. Contact Hoffmann Brothers to Solicit a detailed proposal for your qualifying green home improvements with Geothermal heating and cooling.
    2. Apply for a loan with Clean Energy Credit Union:
      1. Gather documents A through E (outlined below)
      2. Request a loan application at cleanenergycu.org/apply.
    3. Join the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) at www.ases.org in order to become eligible to join Clean Energy Credit Union (unless you, or a member of your family or household, is already a member of either ASES or the credit union).
      1. Hoffmann Brothers’ customers can join for the discounted price of $10 (normally $39). Please use the discount code “CECU15” and select a “Digital-Only Basic” membership when joining via the ASES website.
    4. Join Clean Energy Credit Union and open a savings account via www.cleanergycu.org
      1. Deposit at least $5 in your savings account via ACH transfer or mail-in check.
    5. Verify that your contractor has completed your project and has provided you with documents I though L (outlined below).
    6. E-mail [email protected] to request and sign your loan documents.
    7. E-mail documents F though L (outlined below) to [email protected].
      1. Clean Energy Credit Union will disburse the loan proceeds directly to your contractor within 20 days.
    8. Ensure that sufficient funds are in your bank account on the due dates for your automatic loan payments:
      1. Monthly payments are due starting approximately 30 days after the loan proceeds are disbursed to your contractor, and on each monthly anniversary thereafter.

Documents Required For Your Loan Application

      1. ID (typically a driver’s license or passport)*
      2. Social security number*
      3. Proof of income (typically 2 recent pay stubs, or 2 years of tax returns for self-employed borrowers)*
      4. Current and most recent previous address*
      5. Contractor proposal and cost estimate;

*Must also be provided by co-applicant, if applicable.

Documents Required For Your Loan Disbursement

      1. One of the following:
        1. A voided blank check; or
        2. Bank account number and routing number used for automatic loan payments.
      2. Clean Energy Credit Union loan documents signed by borrower (and co-applicant, if applicable).
      3. Copy of an electric/gas utility bill from within recent 3 months showing borrower’s name and address;
        1. Alternatively, the most recent property tax bill, the warranty deed, or the settlement statement will suffice for off-grid projects, new construction projects, or newly purchased homes.
      4. Executed purchase/installation contract from your contractor;
      5. Itemized invoice or payment request from your contractor;
      6. Proof of passed inspection from your contractor or building inspector;
      7. Signed lien waiver from your contractor (NOTE: a lien waiver form can be requested by emailing [email protected]).


To get your important questions about Geothermal heating and cooling answered, call the Hoffmann Brothers team today at 314-664-3011 or contact us online.