Why Install a Water Treatment System?

Water Treatment System St. Louis

If you use water from the city, you most likely know that it went through a water treatment plant before flowing into your home. The water treatment plant aims to remove most of the harmful contaminants naturally found in the water supply. The effectiveness of this treatment process varies from city to city, but no city water treatment plant is 100% effective.

If you want higher water quality and less harmful contaminants in your home’s water and plumbing, then a water treatment system would be a good option for you.

Water Filtration St. Louis

Unfortunately, harmful contaminants found in many water supplies across the country can cause health problems if you’re exposed to them. Lead, cyanide, and other toxic substances are sometimes present in your water. Even though you probably won’t absorb a fatal amount of these toxins from drinking water, any exposure to these contaminants is not safe for your health.

A water treatment system can filter out these substances and stop them from harming you, your family or your loved ones.

Water Softeners St. Louis

Other contaminants that aren’t necessarily harmful to you are harmful to your home’s plumbing. Hard water contains minerals that cause lime scale to build up in your plumbing (especially water heaters!) over time, reducing efficiency and increasing repair costs. Water Heater maintenance is heavily recommended so that a plumber can flush its tank. Flushing your water heater tank helps to remove the built-up lime scale and allows the system to run efficiently.

water softener eliminates the calcium and magnesium particles that create lime. You can protect your plumbing and save a lot of money on maintenance and water pipe repair costs just by installing a water softener in your home.

If you would like to learn more about water softeners, request a bid or call 314-664-3011. Hoffmann Brothers provides a full range of plumbing services throughout St. Louis. For all of your plumbing needs, request service or request maintenanceonline or call us at (314) 664-3011.

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