Sewer Repair or Replacement in St. Louis

Sewer Repair or Replacement St. Louis

When your main drain backs up into your home it leaves you with a mess and a headache. Dealing with the damage of a backed up sewer is something you never want to experience, but if you do, you never want to experience it again. When this happens it leaves you with two options: You can either repair or replace your sewer pipe to fix the problem.

Drain Back Up St Louis

When a drain technician is at your home, they will suggest a repair if your main drain is reasonably accessible, properly sized for your home, and has a reasonable life expectancy left.  For example, if you have tree roots blocking your pipe, you can choose a spot repair to remove the roots using a root killer. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary solution because the tree roots will grow back later, which will cause the blockage again.

If your main drain is bellied or collapsed, deformed or deteriorated, or beyond its pipe’s lifespan, then you will need to replace it.

There are two methods to replace your sewer line leading from your home to the street:

The great thing with pipe bursting is that it can save your landscaping and won’t tear up your sidewalk or driveway. It’s also a great long term solution, which can save you thousands of dollars in future repair costs plus peace of mind that your basement will never flood with sewage again! The pipe carries a 50+ year guarantee.

St Louis Sewer Replacement

Hoffmann Brothers is the only company in St. Louis that provides the Pipe Bursting method. We met with inspectors and re-wrote city and county codes, so that we can provide you the best quality and service every single time. If you want a worry-free home and limited lawn damage, call us today at (314) 664-3011 or request a bid online.

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